Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Company chosen: Apple Inc Topic: Performance Based Logistics for Apple Inc Instruction: View outline attachment ? min 6 pages, APA format, due 5th March 2023download5.pngdownload2.pngdow - Writeedu

Company chosen: Apple Inc Topic: Performance Based Logistics for Apple Inc Instruction: View outline attachment ? min 6 pages, APA format, due 5th March 2023download5.pngdownload2.pngdow

Company chosen: Apple Inc
Topic: Performance Based Logistics for Apple Inc
Instruction: View outline attachment

min 6 pages, APA format, due 5th March 2023

For Ganpei Ni

Cover Page: The cover page should be a direct understanding from the APA website. The title of the paper is “Performance Based Logistics for _____________” (You pick a company that your interested in that has a logistics element, as defined in the textbook. You then use your thoughts on the definition of Performance Based Logistics…this not my decision but yours. In a graduate course the student is expected to be able to apply/use critical thinking skills.)

Introduction to the company student selected for evaluation.

Brief History – This is a summary/introduction of the company you selected to analyze and offer a performance-based logistic concept.

Product or Service – What does the company produce? Is it a product, thus having a manufacturing process, or a service that is performed close to the customer? These will be the elements you will provide the customer, thus setting up the ability to measure for developing “performance.”

Supplier Base – All companies have suppliers that provide elements of their products and/or services. These companies must be included in developing performance, as they directly impact the product/service.

In each area you can enhance your story with a careful selection of graphics that help tell the story and sell the idea.

Production Capability – Meeting any “performance” criteria requires knowing your production limits/capacity. This a standard requirement for this course understanding the elements of production operations.

Customer Base – Customers are the final voice in your success. Who are they? What is important to them? It is typical to pick the top two or three customers for applying new “buying” concepts.

( Last paragraph – Premise is established in this section, which should be “this paper will prove performance-based logistics is the best contractual agreement for my company and customers.)

Performance Baseline

“Performance” Definition: How will you define performance? It must have a measurable component that is not “emotionally dependent” and cannot be measured quantitatively.

Concept Application for your product or service: This is where you demonstrate the performance concept.

Contract approach – This course is not a business law course; however, all management courses have a natural element that is to be understood on how the company and customers interact and exchange funds for products/services. What would you want to sign a contract for PBL that benefits you and the customer?

Baseline -This is where you establish the elements that can measure performance. These are logistic functions…to repeat, not emotional elements.

This is a basic concept outline that includes all the elements necessary to produce a valid paper.

Measuring Process

“Measurement” Definition – This is a fundamental math concept to which all graduate students have access. It can be simple or complicated, depending on your approach. By personal approach, I mean, what do you think?

Database – Should be understood based on above inputs.

Collection Concept – How will the company collect the data to measure PBL; this will include how the customer will collect data; it has to be the same measure.

Data Analysis Parameters – You must set the boundaries of the measures. Such as setting the upper and lower limits of performance.

Incentive Elements

Your Company – This is the “bread and butter” of the agreement/contract. How do you make the most profit from the agreement?

Suppliers – Suppliers play a big part in product systems since many of their inputs to your company are fixed-priced or possibly at the whim of the commodities market. You must control the supplier’s input and give them a reason to continue selling to you.

Customers – Same as profit for the company, except we substitute cost.

Conclusion – The conclusion statement (one or two paragraphs) must answer your premise (from the introduction). Does your analysis conclude that PBL is the way to contract, or does it not?

References – Follow APA formatting.

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