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Search for data on the assigned ancient civilizations

1) Search for data on the assigned ancient civilizations (You may use the PP slide #22 for the links on the first 5 civilizations).  Human Sexuality Slides.pptx Download Human Sexuality Slides.pptx 

2) Document what you found to be key aspects of sexuality during this time period. Consider searching images and videos as well as text.  

3) Submit your findings into the Assignment Tab AND under Discussions.  

4) Under Discussions- identify 2 ERAS/CIVILIZATIONS other than your



When someone brings up the topic of “sex”, what reactions do you experience?

What are the first 3-5 things you think about when someone brings up “SEX”.

Do you think about:

—Your first experience?

—Your lack of experience?

—A certain person? Body part?

—The mechanics, “the old in-out, in-out?”



—One night stand? Walk of Shame?

—Power? Control? Fear?

—Emotions? Apps? Porn?

—What your parents told you?

—Religious beliefs?

—Last night? This morning? Later today?

—Toys? Fetishes?

—Swiping Left or Right?

—Or, your Left or Right hand?

So, what were your reactions?

-Embarrassment? Shame? Guilt? Excitement? Indifference?

If “talking” about sex (not just the mechanics, or how many partners you’ve had, but feelings, intimacy, fetishes, bad experiences, confusion, questions about sex) isn’t your thing, you are not alone. But, we as students of Sociology would benefit from analyzing and reflecting on WHY? Why do we feel uncomfortable?

Sexology involves the systematic, organized study of human sexual behavior in all aspects (Welch, 2011).




Sexologist- “A person who has expert academic knowledge in sexual science and who devotes her/himself to the objective, empirical study of sexuality.” (Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, 2007).

Ask yourself:

What are your expectations of this class?

Are you hoping to see images of sex?



Learn from one another?

Learn more about yourself?

Learn more about the ways you have been socialized to regard sex?

Remember, this is a Sociology class.

Therefore, you will be expected to examine how society has influenced your sexual life thus far (your beliefs, values, thoughts, expression and behaviors).

In addition, you will learn a bit about the mechanics of sex, the study of sex (sexology), some medical/physiological aspects, development, relationships, disease and the many ways sex is used to influence, control, profit from and of course, perpetuate the survival of our human species.

According to the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS), the definition of human sexuality is, “a dimension of our personality that encompasses our sexual beliefs, attitudes, values, behaviors and knowledge” (2009).

Some may proffer to suggest that human sexuality is actually a large part of your self-concept and identity that is manifested by: biology, culture and psychosocial domains.

Human Sexuality









(Welch, 2011).

Okay, so even though this semester may seem long to you, we will barely scratch the surface of all the aspects of “SEX”. We will briefly touch upon:

Science (research)/“Sexology”

Gender Identity (what it means to be a “man” or a “woman” or “other” ) in the social environment where we exist and interact

Physiology (a.k.a. “parts”)

Human sexual development

Sexual orientation



What it takes to get us, “in the mood” (arousal).

Reproduction “making babies”.

Contraception- “anyone have a rubber?”

Sexual expression- “Fetishes”- “paraphilias”

(i.e. voyeurs, flashers, etc.)

Sex as we age, “do we get better as we get older” (are we like wine?)

When sex is not healthy…. Using it as a mechanism to coerce and abuse.

When sex is used to make $$$$.

The Sociology of Human Sexuality

Sociology- the study of society.

The Sociological Imagination posits that society has a monumental influence on a human’s development and you have a reciprocal impact on your social environment. It is also understood that the manner which each one of us, whether as individuals, groups or societies are represented by diversity.

Medicine- genetics/development Psychiatry-disorders/dysfx’s/variations of sexual Psychology-human and sexual development Biology and Ethology-origins/sexual behavior of animals Politics- Laws/representation

Evolutionary Biology-causes of behavior Epidemiology-diseases/STI’s NeuroScience-the brain and sex Criminology-sexual offenses Education-promotes sexual health Anthropology-diversity in cultural practices

How long has sexology been performed? Guesses?

A Brief Historical View of Sex Through the Ages

The relativity of acceptable norms.

Ancient Greece

Pederasty & Symposiums search?q = symposium+greece&tbm = isch&ved =2ahUKEwjIkv-vj7XkAhVMIjQIHUtVDlsQ2-cCegQIABAA&oq= sympos&gs_l =img.1.1.0i67l7j0l3.43303.44228..46153…0.0..0.67.387.6……0….1..gws-wiz-img.itL7WgbCCtc&ei=F5tuXYirEMzE0PEPy6q52AU&bih=789&biw=1600&rlz=1C1GCEA_enUS864US864

Sapphos and the island of Lesbos search?q = sapphos+of+lesbos&tbm = isch&ved =2ahUKEwiegb_Wj7XkAhUPATQIHaOXDJEQ2-cCegQIABAA&oq= sapphos+of+lesbos&gs_l =img.3…6463.6582..7410…0.0..……0….1..gws-wiz-img.bIK8zBEgPaU&ei=aJtuXZ4tj4LQ8Q-jr7KICQ&bih=789&biw=1600&rlz=1C1GCEA_enUS864US864


Pornai search?q = pornai+in+ancient+greece&tbm = isch&ved =2ahUKEwisvZfaj7XkAhWiJH0KHX24CecQ2-cCegQIABAA&oq= pornai+in+ancient+greece&gs_l =img.3…34576.38586..38765…0.0..0.174.1567.23j1……0….1..gws-wiz-img…….0.6AoPUNxAP60&ei=b5tuXezJLaLJ9AP98Ka4Dg&bih=789&biw=1600&rlz=1C1GCEA_enUS864US864


Search “Google” or other search engine(s) to identify the key aspects of sexuality during this time period.

Consider searching for images as well as written text.

Document your findings. Post on the Assignment Board.

(1 page for 5 points)

Modern Day

What would be documented about sexuality today?

What would you include in your report?

Sexual Intelligence

“…self understanding, interpersonal sexual skills, scientific knowledge, and consideration of the cultural context of sexuality (Crooks & Baur, 2017).

Sexuality and Politics

When the Personal and Political meet

What are the Social Policies, Laws and Ethics that influence our sexuality?

Back to the origins of documented sexology. The Art of Love by Philaenis of Samos 100-300 B.C. – The “O.G.” Greco-Roman origins Sexual positions, aphrodisiacs, abortifacients and the use of cosmetics.

Kamasutram a.k.a. Kama Sutra (0 to 200 A.D.) Indian in origin. Discusses the Hindu “aims” and the “priorities of life” (Avari, 2007). Kama meaning, “wish, desire and intention, pleasure and sexual love (Sudhir & Doniger, 2003).” Sutra denotes, ‘a thread, or threaded discussion about concise rules (Sudhir & Doniger, 2003). Thus, this encyclopedia is about the rules to attain, sustain and promote pleasure, desire and intentions (Sudhir & Doniger, 2003). Not just about “Sexual Positions”. Only 10 of the 36 chapters discuss “Sex” (p. 6 Welch, 2011). Captures both “sensuality” and “sexuality”, amongst many, many other topics.

Ananga Ranga (1172) The Ananga Ranga (Stage of Love) or Kamaledhiplava (Boat in the Sea of Love) is an Indian sex manual written by Kalyana malla in the 15th or 16th century commentators have said it is aimed specifically at preventing the separation of a husband and wife. This work is often compared to the Kama Sutra, on which it draws (Wikipedia, 2011).


-It was translated into English in the year 1885, under the editorship of Sir Richard Francis Burton and consequently burnt by his wife Isabel Burton in the weeks following his death . "Satisfaction and enjoyment comes for a man with possession of a beautiful woman. Men marry because of the peaceful gathering, love, and comfort and they often get nice and attractive women. But the men do not give the women full satisfaction. The reason is due to the ignorance of the writings of the Kamshatra and the disdain of the different types of women. These men view women only from the perspective of an animal. They are foolish and spiritless".

The work was intended to show that a woman is enough for a man. The book provides instructions in how a husband can promote the love for his wife through sexual pleasure. The husband can so greatly enjoy living with his wife, that it is as if he had lived with 32 different women. The increasingly varied sexual pleasures are able to produce harmony, thus preventing the married couple from getting tired of one another. In addition to the extensive catalogue of sexual positions for both partners, there are details regarding foreplay and lure. The contents of the chapters of Burton's translation of the Ananga Ranga are as follows:

Chapter I: considers the four classes of women Chapter II: Of the Various Seats of Passion in Women Chapter III: Of the Different Kinds of Men and Women Chapter IV: Description of the General Qualities, Characteristics, Temperaments, Etc., of Women. Chapter V: Characteristics of the Women of Various Lands Chapter VI: Treating of Vashikarana Chapter VII: Of Different Signs in Men and Women Chapter VIII: Treating of External Enjoyments Chapter IX: Treating of Internal Enjoyments Appendix I: Astrology in Connection With Marriage Appendix II: (considers a variety of alchemical recipes, which are either potentially lethal, or completely ineffective as a remedy, or both)






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