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Theory has a place in quantitative , qualitative, and mixed methods research. A theory explains how and why the variables are related, acting as abridge between or among the variables.?

Theory has a place in quantitative , qualitative, and mixed methods research. A theory explains how and why the variables are related, acting as abridge between or among the variables. 

Write a therectical perspective section for your research plan following the script for a quantitative theory discussion presented in chapter 3.

Adiesa Burgess

Ms. Simmons


29 January 2023


Bullying has been a pressing issue for years, and I became interested in it because it needs to stop. Bullying destroys children's and their families' lives. Some children end their life because they are fed up with being picked on and tortured; this situation should never happen. My question would be what more can we do? It is all on social media, the news, websites, tv shows, awareness events yet the issue is still ongoing. One issue that needs to be addressed immediately that I see happen all the time would be the student report to the teacher and the teacher ignores them I understand they have a whole class to attend to, but students should feel like the classroom is a safe space. I cannot put all the heat off on the faculty and staff because bullying does not always take place at school. This guy once said that “your family is your first bully” I had to let that sink in because I never let that cross my mind. One thing that I like is higher authority starting to hold the parents accountable unfortunately it is when the situation has been taken too far but it is a start. After constructing my research question this will be mixed research. In my study I want to discuss the death rates, compare reported bullying from now and a decade ago which requires numeric information while also describing people's experience with bullying.


Adiesa Burgess

Ms. Simmons


12 February 2023

Physical, verbal, and cyberbullying are the three different sorts of bullying. Bullying is unwanted, violent behavior in which a person (or group of individuals in a position of power attacks someone with repeated physical or emotional harm out of pure intimidation or coercion. Bullying behavior involves making threats, sharing false information, tormenting others verbally or physically, and deliberately separating someone from a group. The purpose of my research is to raise awareness and send a message that bullying is not acceptable. Promoting positive behaviors like acceptance, politeness, and engagement is just as necessary as putting an emphasis on bullying prevention since in some situations bullying can result in devastating outcomes like school shootings and suicide. Schools and communities can have bullying programs/events to raise awareness. Schools should also issue bullying surveys which can assist schools in finding out how often and where bullying occurs. Knowing more about bullying will allow you to spot kids who need support. Whether they are victims of bullying and the aggressor. Bullying frequently affects both the witnesses and the targets. By intervening you can avoid harmful effects for the short and long term. Bullying seems like a growing problem. suggest that every school should have programs and a plan to stop bullying. Research shows that those who experienced bullying are likely to go on and bully others. It was found that “school based anti-bullying programs were effective overall in reducing school bullying perpetration by 19% – 20% and school bullying victimization by 15% – 16%”. Bullying can lead to various problems such as: anxiety, depression, stress, anger, and low self-esteem. Additionally, it might be detrimental to academic success. When schools label a child as a bully, that child is removed from school as aggressive behaviors are linked to violence.


Author links open overlay panelHannah Gaffney, & AbstractPrevious research has shown that many school-based anti-bullying programs are effective. A prior meta-analysis (Gaffney. (2021, January 28). What works in anti-bullying programs? analysis of effective intervention components. Journal of School Psychology. Retrieved February 13, 2023, from,approximately%2015%25%E2%80%9316%25.

Prasanna. (2021, August 28). Cause and effect of bullying essay: What is bullying? causes, effects and types of bullying. A Plus Topper. Retrieved February 13, 2023, from

Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs (ASPA). (2022, June 30). What is bullying. Retrieved February 13, 2023, from

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2021, September 2). Fast fact: Preventing bullying |violence prevention|injury Center|CDC. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Retrieved February 13, 2023, from


Annotated Bibliography

Adiesa Burgess

Ms. Simmons


06 February 2023


Bullying has become a major issue in many areas, particularly in schools which have negatively affected many students. Different people have different perspectives about bullying hence is important for relevant stakeholders to understand other people's viewpoints in order to develop effective anti-bullying programs. There are several ways teachers and schools as a whole can develop effective interventions which can help deal with bullying appropriately besides involving bystanders in solving the problem.

Thornberg, R., & Delby, H. (2019). How do secondary school students explain bullying? Educational Research, 61(2), 142–160.

This source is important in the research because in order to effectively deal with bullying, there are certain things that must be understood, including the understanding of students about bullying. The study involved conducting interviews, which was considered the most effective way of collecting data. Its findings are mainly centered on the data obtained from young persons who had initially encountered bullying.

Gaffney, H., Ttofi, M. M., & Farrington, D. P. (2021). What works in anti-bullying programs? Analysis of effective intervention components. Journal of School Psychology, 85(85), 37–56.

This article is a crucial source because it focuses on what works well in anti-bullying programs through an analysis of effective intervention components. It outlines how school bullying has always been a major public health concern besides affecting many people in the community. The study in this article presents other analyses of a recent large meta-analysis of the efficiency of school-bullying intervention programs.

Rigby, K. (2020). How Teachers Deal with Cases of Bullying at School: What Victims Say. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17(7), 2338.

Although there are various ways through which teachers can deal with cases of bullying at school, this article focuses on student victims of peer bullying in order to outline the specific steps their school implemented to deal with bullying. It shows a statistical analysis of how cases of bullying stopped or reduced due to the interventions that were implemented.

Hart Barnett, J. E., Fisher, K. W., O’Connell, N., & Franco, K. (2019). Promoting upstander behavior to address bullying in schools. Middle School Journal, 50(1), 6–11.

According to the article, the act of targeting the bystander and giving them the tools and encouragement to intervene needs to be a crucial element of bullying interventions. It is reliable and accurate because it provides practical and research-based steps for teachers to model and motivate upstander behavior, especially with students.

Li, L., Chen, X., & Li, H. (2020). Bullying Victimization, School Belonging, Academic Engagement and Achievement in Adolescents in Rural China: A Serial Mediation Model. Children and Youth Services Review, 104946.

The primary goal of the study was to outline how bullying victimization affects the academic achievement of adolescents. The research reported a greater level of bullying victimization, while girls reported lower levels of school belonging and academic engagement.


Case Study


• An empirical inquiry about a contemporary phenomenon (e.g., a “case”), set within its real-worldcontext—especially when the boundaries between phenomenon and context are not clearly evident (Yin, 2009a, p. 18).

Characteristics • Small sample • Often exploratory • Can be one or two cases • Very detailed in data collection • Rich focus on context • Theoretically deep and complex • Often represent unusual or rare examples • A "deep thinker" type research • Not for the average student


• Real world context • Capturing the complexity of real social life • Often engaging to read • Avoid the "dryness" of numbers and tables • Can readily handle the unique or unusual


• Time-consuming • Can be ethically complex • Requires an extensive knowledge of theory • Major validity issues • Major reliability issues • Too contextually bound

A Case

• A “case” is generally a bounded entity (a person, organization, behavioral condition, event, or other social phenomenon), but the boundary between the case and its contextual conditions…


Data Collection • Direct observations (e.g., human actions or a physical

environment) • Interviews (e.g., open-ended conversations with key

participants) • Archival records (e.g., student records) • Documents (e.g., newspaper articles, letters and e-mails,

reports) • Participant-observation (e.g., being identified as a

researcher but also filling a real-life role in the scene being studied)

• Physical artifacts (e.g., computer downloads of employees’ work)

• binaries/41407_1.pdf

In Psychology

• Case studies may occur by interviewing unique or typical “clients.” This quite common.

• An event, like the trial of O.J. Simpson, can a case study and wealth, race and power in the criminal justice system.

• The rise and fall of “Big Blue” can serve as a case study for business management.


• Case studies must comply with the rules of science. o Theoretically based o Systematic and organized collection of data o Significant focus on evidence o A skeptical attitude o A deep knowledge of the literature o Deep intellectual awareness of the issues

Imagine • Imagine you are interested in police shooting cases.

o How could you systematically collect a couple of key cases?

o Are the most famous the proper way to gather data? o Would studying a police shooting case in Ross, South

Carolina result in the same findings as Chicago Illinois. o In such a politically and racially charged time can a

researcher be objective? • Two or three cases of police shootings of civilians

could be a powerful case study approach to the issue. They would have to be the right cases, however.

  • Case Study
  • Definition
  • Characteristics
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • A Case
  • Data Collection
  • In Psychology
  • Science
  • Imagine

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