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For this assignment, you will write the first page of your ?argumentative research paper. The first paragraph will introduce the ?paper and should show your ?interest in y


For this assignment, you will write the first page of your  argumentative research paper. The first paragraph will introduce the  paper and should show your  interest in your  topic, or why the topic is controversial, newsworthy, or important.  First, start with an engaging "hook" that draws the reader into the  introduction. Then, transition to describing your personal connection  and/or interest in the topic and why the topic is relevant now. Consider  why you chose the topic and what you knew about it before you started  research. Be sure to keep this information as well as the rest of the paper in the third person.

Make sure the last sentence of the introduction paragraph is the thesis statement. This  is necessary to show readers the argument you plan on presenting to  your audience, the controversial argument you are presenting will  present in the paper, and give your reasoning for why you believe what  you do the claim is true. (Remember from the lectures in Week 1 that  your thesis statement should be an explicit one – that is, tell us your  claim and 3 reasons that support the claim. A strong thesis statement is  critical to a successful argumentative paper, and if you have that in  place now, you will find the structure of the paper will progress  smoothly).

For the rest of the page, explain for readers who may  have no idea what your topic is about. Think, what does my reader need  to know before I start my argument? Focus on facts.





Table of Contents Topic Discussion 2 Question Formation 2 Finding Literature 2 Methodology 3 References 4

Topic Discussion

The usage of the metrication system in the United States is one of the major fundamentals that essentially focuses on the US industrial and commercial productivity (Vinh Tran et al., 2020). Through the application of the metrication system, the US companies would be much beneficial in terms of products and services in the global market. This metrication system is extremely important for business since the calculation seems easy because of its decimal digits and here it is considered as the biggest advantage for using the process for industrial (Haug, 2021).

Question Formation

This section of the study will highlight certain questions that will be used as the fundamental questions for understanding the topic.

· What is the advantage of using a metrication system?

· What is the reason for not adopting the metrication system in the United States?

· What are the drawbacks of these metrication systems?

· Why should the United States convert to the metrication system?

· What is the measurement process in the metrication process?

Finding Literature

The system of metrication is less complicated and it helps to get an accurate calculation than that of the traditional digits since these are not uniform in nature. Since the universal usage of the metrication system for industrial purposes, the US should implement a metrication system as the traditional method has different values in different places (Hicks et al., 2019).


The topic information will be gathered from secondary methods of data collection and from several scholarly articles. Both the qualitative as well as quantitative analysis will be required for differentiation of the two processes of the metrication system and traditional method of calculation (Ruggiano & Perry, 2019).


Haug, E. (2021). Three dimensional space-time gravitational metric, 3 space+ 3 time dimensions.

Hicks, M. B., Farrell, W., Aurigemma, C., Lehmann, L., Weisel, L., Nadeau, K., … & Ferguson, P. (2019). Making the move towards modernized greener separations: introduction of the analytical method greenness score (AMGS) calculator.  Green chemistry21(7), 1816-1826.

Ruggiano, N., & Perry, T. E. (2019). Conducting secondary analysis of qualitative data: Should we, can we, and how?.  Qualitative Social Work18(1), 81-97.

Vinh Tran, L., Tay, Y., Zhang, S., Cong, G., & Li, X. (2020, January). Hyperml: A boosting metric learning approach in hyperbolic space for recommender systems. In  Proceedings of the 13th international conference on web search and data mining (pp. 609-617).

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