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M5: Word Expert 4-2 Attached Files: ?Best For You.docx Best For You.docx – Alternative Formats (21.318 KB) Do Project 4-2:?Creating Separate?Files for the Best For You Organics M


M5: Word Expert 4-2

Attached Files:

Do Project 4-2: Creating Separate Files for the Best For You Organics Mater Document from the Word Expert text.Document page 96 / PDF page 104.Submit Word file (.docx) to this Blackboard assignment when completed. 


I acknowledge I have received the Best For You Organics Employee Handbook that contains many of the Best For You Organics policies, procedures, and benefits that pertain to my employment. I really understand the guidelines, procedures, and benefits outlined in this handbook are not all-inclusive and may be modified or rescinded at any time at the discretion of Best For You Organics and that I will be notified of such changes to the handbook as they occur.

I also understand the Employee Handbook does not constitute a contract, expressed or implied, nor is it to be interpreted to be a contract between Best For You Organics and myself. I understand the company is an at-will employer, and I am an employee-at-will, which means the employment relationship may be terminated at anytime by either myself or Best For You Organics (unless I am under an employee contract and following the terms and conditions therein).

Only the president or other designated representative of Best For You Organics has the authority to enter into an employment agreement or agreement regarding benefits with any current or prospective employee. Any such agreement must be in writing and signed by both the president or designated representative and myself.

I understand if I have any questions related to this handbook or my employment that I may have them clarified by the Vice President of Operations or the HR Department. I also understand that this current edition of the Employee Handbook supersedes all previously issued editions.

_____________________________________ Employee Signature

_____________________________________ Date


Best For You Organics welcomes you and provides you with this Employee Handbook as an introduction to our company. We are committed to providing a successful environment for each employee—one that fosters growth and a mutually beneficial employment relationship. The policies and procedures set forth in this handbook were created with this goal in mind and serve as a guideline to basic employment expectations applicable to all employees of Best For You Organics. This handbook is not a contract of employment, expressed or implied.

This handbook is provided to you as a guide to most of the policies and practices that apply to our employment relationship. Please do not hesitate to ask the Vice President of Operations or the HR Department about any item discussed in this handbook. We believe that an organization is best served by a shared understanding of each other's roles and responsibilities. Our success depends on you, and your success depends in part upon your understanding and cooperation in following these policies. We are glad to have you on board and hope this guide will assist you in making this transition into our company.

Please read through your Employee Handbook for an understanding of the policies and procedures at Best For You Organics. The policies and procedures contained in this handbook may change or be revoked when necessary. You will be notified of any changes and provided the appropriate new information.

A very important factor in the successful operation of any business is communication. We will communicate as much as possible about company philosophies, goals, and objectives. Best For You Organics welcomes, encourages, and appreciates your feedback and input as part of our continued success.

General Performance Expectation Guidelines

Part of continued professional growth is constructive performance feedback. Your supervisor will provide you with on-going support and feedback as well as an individualized, formal annual performance review at their discretion. We encourage you to solicit additional feedback and seek clarification of expectations.

In the event of policy violations or unsatisfactory performance, the following actions may be taken by your supervisor to address situations that need improvement in order for the employment relationship to continue successfully:

1. Verbal discussion and written documentation reiterating the verbal discussion

1. Written warning detailing consequences for future non-performance/non-compliance

1. Termination

Your supervisor will take the disciplinary action deemed appropriate within the above-stated guidelines and with consideration given to the severity of the infraction and other relevant factors . However, you are an employee at will and there is no requirement or guarantee that the above three steps will be followed and termination may be immediate if a supervisor believes that the infraction warrants it. Generally, dishonest, unethical, or illegal conduct will result in immediate termination. This behavior may include, but is not limited to:

1. abuse, misuse, or misappropriation of any Best For You Organics property (physical or intellectual)

1. possession of or working under the influence of a controlled substance(s) or alcohol

1. possession of a weapon(s) on company premises or off premises in the performance of company duties

1. conducting personal business, including outside employment, on company time or with company equipment, supplies, or other material

1. falsification, misinterpretation, omission of information on company documents, including making entries on another employee's time record

1. insubordination, willful disregard, or disrespect toward a supervisor, including refusal to perform work as assigned

1. fighting, horseplay, practical jokes, or other disorderly unsafe conduct that may endanger a co-worker or client

1. disclosing confidential and proprietary company information to competitors, clients, or their employees

1. engaging in harassment of a client or co-worker for any reason, including making unwelcome advances, request for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical expression of a sexual nature

1. engaging in conduct that adversely affects Best For You Organics's products, reputation, or good will in the community

In specific situations these behaviors may not only result in termination, but may also be prosecutable by law. Best For You Organics will cooperate with all law enforcement agencies in such situations.

Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity

At Best For You Organics, personnel and employment practices are made with the objective of furthering equal employment opportunities. All employment decisions, including but not limited to, recruitment, hiring, training, and promotion are based solely on an individual's qualifications to accomplish assigned job functions and without regard to race, religion, national or ethnic origin, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, veteran status, or physical or mental disability. Best For You Organics's strength comes from the diversity of our staff. Your understanding and support of our fair employment practices will enable us to continue to make Best For You Organics an outstanding place to work.

In conjunction with our goal to provide equal employment opportunities and create a diversity-rich work environment, Best For You Organics does not exclude from participation, deny benefits to, or subject any individual to discrimination based upon his or her disability. Additionally, Best For You Organics provides reasonable accommodation to the known physical or mental limitation of an otherwise qualified applicant.


When you were employed, you were assigned a four-digit alarm code that can set or deactivate the alarm and a personal password to use for the monitoring company.

Please keep in mind:

· If you set off the alarm, dial the monitoring company number listed on the white sticker on the phone and give your password.

· If you set off the alarm and don’t properly notify the monitoring company, you will be responsible for reimbursing Best For You Organics for the fine if the police are dispatched.

· If you do not know your four-digit code and password, please get it from the HR Department.

Set Alarm

1) Make sure the green Ready light is on.

2) Press your four-digit code.

3) Intermittent beeping will sound.

4) Verify that the red Armed light is on.

5) Leave the premises immediately.

Deactivate Alarm

1) Enter the building and go immediately to the alarm keypad.

2) Intermittent beeping will be sounding.

3) Press your four-digit code.

4) Verify that the green Ready light is on.

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