Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Submit a reply of at least 250 original words each to the initial threads. ?The statements made in each reply must be supported by references and in-text citations for the course text - Writeedu

Submit a reply of at least 250 original words each to the initial threads. ?The statements made in each reply must be supported by references and in-text citations for the course text

Submit a reply of at least 250 original words each to the initial threads.  The statements made in each reply must be supported by references and in-text citations for the course textbook, at least one article from a peer-reviewed journal published within the past five years, and the Bible.  

 All work must: 

Include an analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of the topic.

Include a reference and in-text citations for the course textbook.

Include a reference and in-text citations for at least one article from a peer-reviewed journal, published within the past five years. 

Include a reference and in-text citations for the Bible.

Include an assessment/analysis of your Christian worldview as it relates to the topic.

Include both in-text citations and references in APA format.

Utilize correct English, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. All work must be posted directly into the message box. Do not attach a file for the discussion portion of this course. 

Include clear topic sentences for each paragraph, supporting sentences, and a conclusion sentence/paragraph. 


Question 1: Why is it important for an HRD practitioner to understand managerial roles and competencies? How are these assessed? How is the information used as a needs assessment is designing a management development program?

Literature and research on management do not provide an accepted model that describes what managers do, how they do it, and the KSAOs required (Werner, 2022). Organizations operating in the present day are facing challenges that organizations forty years ago did not face (Werner, 2022). Research from the past is not completely futile, as organizations must understand relevant information from the past and then apply and incorporate the research into their own organizational environment to match the culture, goals, strategic plans, strengths, and weaknesses of the company (Werner, 2022). However, to develop a relevant management development strategy, a human resource development professional must first understand the roles and competencies that are required of managers today. Managerial responsibilities are different in each individual role, as they vary between industries, departments, cultures, personalities, and objectives (Werner, 2022). Additionally, virtues such as justice, fairness, care, and integrity are critical pillars of leadership that are left out of the popular spotlight when promoting good managerial styles (Newstead et al., 2020).

Managerial roles and competencies are assessed using a variety of models, including the characteristics approach, job description, and integrated competency model (Werner, 2022). Research regarding the role of a manager has been grouped into categories describing how to perform the job, the role served, and how competencies relate (Werner, 2022). Each model has strengths and weaknesses and should be evaluated together to understand the complexities of managerial role experience. Managing people requires more than simply completing tasks, it is more like performing art than science (Werner, 2022). Because managing is complex, multifaceted, and integrated (Werner, 2022), no specific algorithm or equation equals excellent leadership. Instead, a leader must be able to accomplish a variety of functions, including evaluating the needs of the team, being equipped with emotional intelligence, managing employee relations, igniting enthusiasm and purpose, and directing goals and vision (Werner, 2022). By understanding the complexities of management, HRD professionals can create a program that develops the manager holistically, create programs that generate ongoing value and create sustainable purpose, relate program components to other managerial competencies, and promote an individual manager’s strengths (Werner, 2022). A needs assessment is critical for an HRD professional to develop valuable training for management (Werner, 2022). A needs assessment provides context for the training’s environments, timing, type, and audience (Werner, 2022).  

Proverbs 11:14 proclaims, “For lack of guidance a nation falls, but victory is won through many advisers” ( Biblica, 2011). Leadership is a fundamental principle in business. A manager who embodies leadership characteristics and virtues will make a long-lasting impact on the organization. Human Resource Development professionals have the opportunity to create training programs to mature and evolve managers into leaders that create positive change in their teams and in the organization furthering goals and objectives by promoting fundamental virtues (Newstead et al., 2020).



The Holy Bible: New International Version. Biblica. (2011).

Newstead, T., Dawkins, S., Macklin, R., & Martin, A. (2020). The virtues project: An approach to developing good leaders. Journal of Business Ethics, 167(4), 605-622. Links to an external site.

Werner, J. (2022). Human resource development: Talent Development (8th ed.). Cengage.


Question 1. Why is it important for an HRD practitioner to understand managerial roles and competencies? How are these assessed? How is the information used as a needs assessment in designing a management development program?

            The structure of organizations vary, which in turn requires goals, guidelines, and employees to be organization specific.  These attributes will help to foster an environment that is efficient, knowledgeable and goal driven.  It is a critical component for HRD practitioners to fully understand managerial roles and competencies as way to gauge individual development, skills/competencies that are necessary for effective performance and ability to identify any constraints (Werner, 2022).  In addition, HRD practitioners that demonstrate an understanding of these attributes are better able to produce a beneficial and effective management development program.  HRD practitioners should be able to identify and work with a realm of features revolving around learning and development of employees and management, however, a lack of information related to competency development has been linked (Shet, Guidice, & Rammal, 2021). 

HRD practitioners must be able to identify the job that those in management positions hold within their own organization before development processes and programs can be developed and implemented.  HRD practitioners should remain diligent in how they view those in management positions, understanding they too are just people performing assigned duties (Werner, 2022).  Organizations that work towards ensuring a culture that demonstrates high-performance levels can be labeled as competent resources (Shet, Guidice, & Rammal, 2021).  Measures that HRD professionals can facilitate to assess managerial roles and competencies include: 1) recognize one goal of management is to develop the whole person to manage effectively within the organization, 2) develop programs and processes that go beyond a one-time event, 3) expand programs to recognize relationships during the learning process of the management role, 4) implement programs that recognize values, knowledge, and participant experiences, 5) consider the talents that a person brings to the job, and 6) recognition inclusion of issues when conducting assessment and evaluation of management development programs (Werner, 2022).

An effective management development program can be designed utilizing the same processes as a HRD program, which include needs assessment, program design, program implementation, and the evaluation of established program (Werner, 2022).  For those in management positions to be successful, one must engage in understanding the working components of the organization, a well as working as a team with subordinates. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 (KJV) states, “Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour.” HRD practitioners are available to work together with management on a variety of issues to ensure organizational growth. In addition, management is tasked with executing strategic goals, decision making and employee motivation (Yamazaki, Toyama, & Putranto, 2018). 



Shet, S. V., Manlio, D. G., & Rammal, H. G. (2022). Managerial challenges to promoting competency-based intellectual capital in emerging market economies – developing a framework for implications. Journal of Intellectual Capital, 23(1), 85-102.

Werner, J. M. (2022). Human Resource Development Talent Development (8th Ed). Boston, MA: Cengage.

Yamazaki, Y., Toyama, M., & Andreas, J. P. (2018). Comparing managers’ and non-managers’ learning and competencies. Journal of Workplace Learning, 30(4), 274-290.

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