Chat with us, powered by LiveChat topic Mexico: Our Lady of Guadeloupe Most stories can be found in this online book:? The World of Myth by David LeemingLinks to an external site. Use this PowerPoint as your model - Writeedu

topic Mexico: Our Lady of Guadeloupe Most stories can be found in this online book:? The World of Myth by David LeemingLinks to an external site. Use this PowerPoint as your model

  1. topic Mexico: Our Lady of Guadeloupe
  2. Most stories can be found in this online book:  The World of Myth by David LeemingLinks to an external site.
  3. Use this PowerPoint as your model: is attached below 
  4. Use the archetype your chosen god/goddess is listed under on the topic choice list (previous page).  The story you choose must reflect their archetype.  Example: Hermes is a trickster; the appropriate story to tell is what makes him a trickster. 

attached is an example file my presentation should look like that but with te topic mexico our lady of guadeloupe 

Please follow the instructions, be original and use nude colors and pretty to the power point presentation

This powerpoint is a template for formatting your “Archetypes of the Gods” presentations.

Notice how all the slides are illustrated, and there isn’t too many words on each slide.


Hermes Steals the Cattle, a tale of the Trickster

Always have a title page

Because Hermes is a trickster god, I will use the trickster archetype. But you should use whatever god and archetype you have chosen

The trickster is both wise and foolish

The Trickster is an important element in literature and mythologies world-wide

On several slides, define what your god’s archetype is. Because my god is listed beneath “Trickster”, that is what I’ll be analyzing. This info can be found in the file the “Giant list of Gods & Archetypes” or google “[trickster] gods”

He is the perpetrator of tricks and the butt of his own jokes

Continue with trickster characteristics

He often takes the form of an animal; he is a shapeshifter

Always male, the trickster is promiscuous and amoral, he is outrageous in his actions

Continue with trickster characteristics

..speaks to our animal nature, our physical side, and reflects what Jung calls “an earlier, rudimentary stage of consciousness”.

.. has the charming if sometimes dangerous appetites of the child, as yet untamed by the larger social conscience.

.. is always funny.

The Trickster

Continue with trickster characteristics

Hermes may have evolved from an earlier fertility cult that represented its god by means of stone phalli

The name Hermes comes from the Greek “Herm” a marking stone with a human head and an erect phallus, and was in common use throughout ancient Greece


On the morning Hermes was born, he secretly left his cradle and made a lyre out of a tortoise shell and improvised a song.

The Story: Tell the story about why your chosen god is known for that archetype. There are many stories about Hermes: this story tells how he is a trickster

(The Story continued: Longing for meat, he found his brother Apollo’s cattle and, driving them backwards to confuse tracking them, hid them in a cave, then butchered and ate two of them. He then cleverly covered all evidence of his crimes .

The next day, he was back in his cradle, innocently cooing

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY

Apollo found out who stole his cattle and confronted the infant Hermes who denied all accusations. “I am but an infant, what harm could I possibly do?”

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA

Apollo took the matter to their father, Zeus, who was amused by the infant’s lies. But he ordered Hermes to confess, and so he did.

FYI Fun Fact:

Much of what we know about everyday life from Ancient Greece and beyond are found in the illustrations on their clay vases (which were mostly used for food storage).

See how this clay vase was found broken and glued back together

The story, continued

He showed Apollo where he hid the cattle, and Apollo forgave him.

They made peace.

Hermes gave Apollo the lyre he had invented which pleased Apollo as he was the god of music.

Apollo gave Hermes a whip as a token of becoming the deity of cattle-tending.

Then Hermes invented the shepherd's pipes for himself

Apollo also gave him a golden caduceus, or herald’s staff, in honor of Hermes becoming messenger of the gods.

What this story teaches us: We learn how to forgive and how to apologize

With the ability to move freely between worlds, he also served as

the guide of the souls of the dead to the underworld and the afterlife

OPTIONAL SLIDE ALSO KNOWN FOR: Hermes is the messenger between mortals and the gods on Mt. Olympus. He is also the god of invention, and commerce and is the protector of travelers, thieves, and athletes.

Character Archetypes of the gods in this story: Hermes: Trickster, Creator, god of cattle, messenger of the gods Apollo: victim, Creator, god of music Zeus: mentor/caregiver, King of the Olympian Gods, wise old man

Situational archetypes

Hermes: initiate

Apollo: brother / brother conflict & resolution

Zeus: father/son conflict & resolution

This slide tells you the situational archetypes

Symbols: winged sandals, winged hat, staff Powers: fly, & carry messages

Some myths say Hermes brings sleep and dreams to people

The Roman name for Hermes

is Mercury

Tell what symbols and powers your god has

Cosmological Function does not fit this story. This story does not tell us how the world and everything in it came to be.

The 4 Functions of Myth: explain how the story fits (or not) each one

Sociological Function

The story teaches us that we must fit in with the rules of society, family, and god. We learn that forgiveness when others trespass against us brings about peace. Rules of good manners are learned when Hermes and Apollo exchange gifts as an apology.

Psychological Function (you have to infer this part if not obvious)

Hermes becomes a better trickster learning not to get caught or face the consequences. He learns how to act when he is caught.

Apollo grows through learning to be forgiving, and to be more tolerant of his trickster brother

Mystical / Metaphysical Function: the ability of a new born to herd his brother’s cows and eat one with his bare hands, then take evasive action. (open to interpretation.)

~Joseph Campbell

“We cannot cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy.

(choose a Joseph Campbell quote that is reflective of your topic)

Your Opinion of your topic

( how your topic fits into the 21st century)

Works Cited or Bibliography


































India: Devi


Riley Kersten

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA

The Archetype of Devi:

Devi is known as the ’Great Goddess’ and a Mother Goddess. Devi is also considered an all embracing mother goddess who was first worshiped in India in the more prehistoric times.

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA

Archetype Continued…

In the period of Vedic, Devi was assimilated into the Hindu pantheon. She represents female energy. Devi can be considered to be an all embracing mother goddess as well as a a divine feminine goddess archetype.

Characteristics' of archetype:

The mother goddess is an archetype—a goddess entity or figure—that personifies nature, motherhood, fertility, creation, and destruction, or who symbolizes the bounty of the Earth.

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND

Archetype Continued…

When a woman embodies the ultimate manifestation of her feminine qualities, she is a divine feminine archetype.

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC

Why Devi relates to these archetypes:

For many Hindus, Devi's greatest asset is that she personifies every facet of women. She is among the most powerful gods in the vast pantheon, equal in strength to Vishnu and Shiva. She is the mother goddess of India and the local protector of many villages. She is often contemplative and nurturing.

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC

Her story continued…

Her most well-known triumph was the killing of a buffalo demon, a brutishly stupid, egotistical individual. He had vanquished a number of helpful gods before Devi came to the rescue. At the height of the struggle, she effortlessly uses one of her 18 arms to rip the devil from his buffalo body using a scarlet noose. Her tiger mount gnaws at the head. Devi is dressed in the gilded and embroidered attire of a Punjab Hills princess throughout the entire scene. Gods throw golden petals down to celebrate her victory from the skies above

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY

Devi’s family:

Devi is also the mother of Ganesha, the elephant-headed god, Skanda, the six-headed god, and Nandi, Shiva's doorkeeper and bull. Devi's character is portrayed by two opposing aspects by distinct separate female deities: Durga, the fearsome, and Uma, the kind.


Her emblems are rice bowls, spoons, lions, fire, and objects in the color yellow. The Hindu goddess of war Durga is frequently pictured as a stunning woman with ten arms holding divine weapons to defend everything precious, including you.

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY

Functions of Myth and how they fit the story:


Allows people to experience the awe of the universe around them. In this story we are allowed to see and experience Devi’s power of femineity and nurturing those around her which empowers women.


Relates to understanding the shape and mystery of the universe. This function relates to understanding each myth better. While learning about Devi I can relate this function to understanding her scenario and the world she lived in.

Functions of myths continued:


The sociological factor of this function relates to social order. In Devi’s story we can understand the order of placement and the power Devi has and the influence she has created on many women.


Devi lives by a certain way from her up bringing and she learns how to use her place of power for the greater good.

What we learn from this story:

The woman who embodies strength on a feminine level is known as Devi Durga. She is portrayed as a goddess with feminine prowess, power, resolve, wisdom, and retribution that extends much beyond this world of matter in a variety of Vedic literature.

The main thing individuals gain from this story is that with great power comes great responsibility. Devi took the path of leading women and showing them a role model to follow.

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-ND


My opinion on my topic:

I very much enjoyed the topic I chose. I had no general knowledge on the topic of Devi and where she came from. After doing much research I have so much respect for this topic as I have respect for what Devi stands for. I feel as though sharing this topic can empower women all over the world.

21st Century relation:

I feel as though this story has a personal relation to the world we live in now by bringing up the topic of female empowerment. I feel as if when reading many myths it can be hard to feel empowered as a women but this topic was truly inspiring. Devi shows many women around the world how much strength we all truly have. When it comes to female empowerment now this relates because of all of the steps we’ve overcome.

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA















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