Chat with us, powered by LiveChat READ THESE three student responses to the original question you need to answer each student SEPERATELY - this is for discussion participation credit- just give your opinion- pe - Writeedu

READ THESE three student responses to the original question you need to answer each student SEPERATELY – this is for discussion participation credit- just give your opinion- pe

 READ THESE three student responses to the original question

you need to answer each student SEPERATELY – this is for discussion participation credit-

just give your opinion- per student- did you like what they posted and why or did you not agree and why but this is purely your opinion with a reference for EACH SEPERATE STUDENT RESPONSE

Topic 5 DQ 1

Mar 9-11, 2023

You have been asked to determine why older adults do not follow their doctor's orders well (a lack of compliance). There are statistics to show this to be an issue, but you have been asked to study this problem qualitatively. What rationale would you provide to justify the use of a qualitative case study to research this issue? How would you make sure that your study is in alignment with your problem, purpose, and research questions? Explain.


Understanding the difficulty of why older adults do not follow the doctors' orders well calls for a thorough exploration of the phenomena. The researcher is considering explaining the reasoning behind the issue. When the researcher offers a rationale or justification for the selected approach, it is necessary to review the literature to establish the claims for the paradigms and theoretical foundation as it sets the tone for the study. Yin’s viewpoint is that the research may well create multiple sources of data that give assistance from previous theoretical foundations containing the phenomenon (Maul, 2015).

Qualitative case studies call for understanding the boundaries, which from time to time may not be exact when exploring the phenomenon and the background aspects of the spectacle. Prior to the research being carefully identified, the problem, purpose, and research questions must be aligned to offer a qualitative research study. The phenomenon inside the study must be evident and, therefore, will coordinate the data that solves the research questions (Steffes & Jacobs, 2021). Alignment in research is an iterative aspect that requires a transparent and concise method to designing the study. The researcher must be cautious not to merge designs within the research, as it starts to be misunderstanding and reduces the clarity (Steffes & Jacobs, 2021).


Maul, J. (2015). Qualitative core designs: Sampling and evaluation of qualitative research. In Grand Canyon University (Ed.), GCU Doctoral Research: Foundations and Theories.


Although quantitative studies create generalizability, complex issues can create nuance that can be explored through qualitative methods. High-volume random controlled trials are integral to planning patient care in health care. However, this method cannot capture the complexities of healthcare interventions (Paparini et al., 2020). The highly formulaic use of quantitative methods cannot answer the more profound questions within the complex nature of health care (Papoutsi et al., 2021). In this case, older adults who appear not to be compliant with medical advice. A qualitative case study can move beyond numerical description to develop the nuanced ideas influencing behavior in a real-life event or situation (Flyvbjerg, 2006). Through a qualitative case study, develop the essence of a case to be explored through quantitative measures.

The alignment will build upon the same terms and order throughout the problem, purpose, and research questions. Alignment comes from the foundations of theories and terminology related to the research design and through the problem statement, purpose statement, and research questions (Grant & Osanloo, 2014). As discussed throughout this course, alignment is critical to ensure a clear and logical flow to a research study. There are many potential themes or cases to explore why older adults do not follow their doctor’s orders. Alignment can be achieved by consistently using the terms and maintaining the study within the research components.

Flyvbjerg, B. (2006). Five misunderstandings about case-study research. Qualitative Inquiry, 12(2), 219-245.


The rationale for choosing a case study to understand older adults’ lack of compliance with doctors’ orders is that case studies capture a range of perspectives as a unit, as opposed to the single view of an individual response, as its central tenet is to explore. This allows for a greater understanding of the subject at hand and reduces the potential for any bias by diluting the agenda of a particular individual. As an overall approach, case study research is based on in-depth explorations of complex phenomena in their natural or real-life settings. Furthermore, Case study research potentially addresses four objectives: the appropriateness of intervention development for specific contexts, improving understanding of how interventions work, a better understanding of how and why impacts vary across contexts, and ensuring that reports of intervention studies are most good decision-makers and researchers (Debout, 2016). The assumption underpinning the case study approach is that data collected differently should lead to similar conclusions. Approaching the same issue from different angles can help develop a holistic picture of the phenomenon. Triangulation uses multiple methods or data sources in qualitative research to develop a comprehensive understanding of phenomena. For example, interviews or direct observation explore real-life phenomena (Cambell et al., 2020).


Cambell, S., Greenwood, M., Prior, S., Shearer, T., Walkem, K., Young, S., . . . Walker, K. (2020). Purposive sampling: complex or simple? Research case examples. Journal of Nursing Research, 652–661. Retrieved from 10.1177/1744987120927206

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