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Critically discuss if cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are the future of money

  I need 1500 words essa excluding  excluding the title, equations, figures, diagrams, tables, footnotes and references). Instructions are given in word file. Please follow the instructions carefully.   



International Banking, Financial Markets, and Monetary Policy

International Banking, Financial Markets, and Monetary Policy

Coursework Essay 2022-23

Essay Questions

You are required to write a 1,500-word essay (excluding the title, equations, figures, diagrams, tables, footnotes and references) in response to the following task:

Bitcoin has received a large amount of attention since its introduction in 2008.

Critically discuss

(i) if cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are the future of money, AND

(ii) if cryptocurrencies have impact on UK monetary aggregates.

Your essay should make use of financial or economic theory and data that are relevant to the argument you want to make. You may include graphs, figures and tables that are helpful to illustrate your arguments.

Further instructions for this coursework assignment

This is an individual assignment, and your essay mark will account for 40% of your overall mark for the module.

This piece of work will address learning outcomes 3 and 5 as set out in the module descriptor.

3. Assess the appropriateness of policies aimed at various economic and financial market problems.

5. Compose and present scholarship to a professional standard.

Word Count

Your essay should be no more than 1,500 words excluding the title, equations, figures, diagrams, tables, footnotes and references. Students are NOT permitted to exceed the word limit by 10% or any other amount. Coursework that exceeds 1,500 will not be read beyond the stated word count.

Referencing Requirements

Your essays will be inspected for plagiarism. Please use the APA 7th edition referencing style. Referencing is a vital part of your academic studies and research at University of Portsmouth. See l for more on why you need to be concerned about plagiarism and referencing. Additional guidance on these important matters can be found at the dedicated library page Reference should be made to the primary source, except when the primary source can no longer be obtained. Poor citation of sources will result in a loss of marks. Referencing is required to give intellectual credit to your source, help your reader recover your source easily and to avoid being accused of plagiarism. Students are reminded that the University will not tolerate academic dishonesty in any form. This is cheating


Students are reminded of the need to avoid plagiarism. The University Regulations describe plagiarism as:

the incorporation by a student in work for assessment of material which is not their own, in the sense that all or a substantial part of the work has been copied without any adequate attempt at attribution, or has been incorporated as if it were the student’s own when in fact it is wholly or substantially the work of another person or persons. Any student suspected of plagiarising will be referred for an Academic Misconduct Hearing.

Students should ensure that all sources are fully cited in footnotes and in the bibliography and that indentation or quotation marks (as appropriate) are used when quoting.


Please present your work in Arial size 12 font with 1.5 line spacing. Please label charts and diagrams clearly and in the right sequence. Page numbers should be in the footer and your student ID in the header. Do not include your name on your work.

If any student has a query about any of the above matters and wishes to obtain clarification or further information please contact your Module Co-ordinator or personal tutor.

Table: Marking Criteria – Essay Type


Description of the Level of Task Completion


As below plus:

· Excellent work which contains relevant material and shows analysis, originality or creativity of approach and a clear, well-articulated understanding of the subject matter.

· Wide research incorporating up-to- date, relevant original material. Accurate citation and use of references.

· Excellent with few or no errors in organisation, structure, grammar, spelling, punctuation, use of diagrams and tables.


As below plus:

· Very good work which is clearly written, well-argued and covers the subject matter in a thorough, thoughtful and competent manner. Contains some originality of approach, insight or synthesis.

· Good evidence of research and good use of source material. Good use and presentation of references

· Very good presentation,

organisation, grammar, spelling, punctuation, diagrams and tables.


As below plus:

· A very good, well-presented piece of work covering much of the subject matter and which is clearly and lucidly written. Good attempt to consider and evaluate the material presented.

· Evidence of research in the topic area and satisfactory use of sources and references.

· Good organisation, structure, use and flow of language, grammar, spelling, format, diagrams, tables etc.


As below plus:

· Work that demonstrates understanding of the topic area with some attempt to discuss material.

· Evidence of research in the topic area extending beyond key texts.

· Satisfactory presentation and / or use of references / bibliography according to convention.

· A satisfactory attempt to follow directions regarding organisation, structure, use and flow of language, grammar, spelling, format, diagrams, tables etc.


· Adequate work that attempts to address the topic and demonstrates some understanding of the basic aspects of the subject matter

· Topic is researched using mainly books and Internet. Attempts to use and / or present references / bibliography according to convention

· A basic attempt to follow directions regarding organisation, structure, use and flow of language, grammar, spelling, format, diagrams, tables, etc.

Threshold statement for use of English

· Verbal and listening skills are sufficient to enable a student to play an active and fluent part in all learning activities. Written skills are sufficient to produce documents that exhibit logical structure and clarity of content and style. Documents have citation and referencing, primarily from peer reviewed journals or specialist sources. Documents have made full use of spelling and grammar checking software.


FAIL – Work in this range attempts to address the question / problem but is substantially incomplete and deficient. Serious problems with a number of aspects of language use are often found in work in this range and the work may be severely under / over-length and / or fails to grasp the nature of the topic matter. Content, analysis, expression, structure and use of sources will be very weak or missing.


FAIL – No serious attempt to address the question or problem, and / or manifests a serious misunderstanding of the requirements of the assignment. Acutely deficient in all aspects.

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