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Discuss, in depth, one of the steps identified in the five-step process for public fire safety education: identification, selection, design, implementation, and evaluation

Please answer each question separately. Each question should be answered a complete paragraph followed by a reference. Please do not type the question before the answer. Please only answer three questions per page.


Discuss, in depth, one of the steps identified in the five-step process for public fire safety education: identification, selection, design, implementation, and evaluation.


Be sure to read the Weekly Content before attempting this Discussion exercise. After completing the Weekly reading, return to the discussion here and respond to the necessary questions:

Consider a behavior that you would like to teach someone. This could be a friend, a child, a co-worker, etc. Describe the behavior and select  one of the learning theories we learned about this week (i.e. observational learning, operant conditioning, classical conditioning, etc…) as the framework for how you would teach the person that behavior. Although in real life you may use more than one of these theories to teach behavior, for the purposes of this academic exercise choose ONLY ONE theory. 

Explain how you would ensure they have learned the behavior and why you felt that approach would work best for the particular behavior and setting. What challenges do you encounter to the learning process using your planned approach?


· Explain three circumstances where a researcher would choose a longitudinal study over a cross-sectional study.

· Identify two advantages and two disadvantages of a longitudinal study and a cross-sectional study, giving examples of each.

· Then, provide a specific example of a question that could be addressed with a longitudinal study and explain why that developmental design is preferred.


he legalization of marijuana, what argument can you make for either the prohibition of or the continued legalization of caffeine and nicotine? What are some of the implications of either move? Should a pregnant woman who uses them, for example, be guilty of "fetal abuse" as she might be in the case of alcohol or illicit drug use?


analyze the concept 'nature vs. nurture' and explain which aspect – nature OR nurture you tend to agree with more and support your position with references.   It is not sufficient to simply provide your opinion.  Supporting your position is required


describe the difference between quantitative and qualitative research.  What are several differences between quantitative and qualitative research? 


Give an example of a quantitative study.  What would be the topic of your study?  Would it be an experiment or survey? Give an example of a qualitative study that would involve field research (not interviewing).  What is the topic of the study?  How would the data be collected for this study?


Should individuals convicted of possession of child pornography be precluded from being sentenced to probation? Explain why / why not. If sentenced to probation, what conditions would you impose if you were the supervising probation officer?


In  Carroll v. United States , the Supreme Court held that vehicles were held to a lesser standard of Fourth Amendment protection by  stating that a warrant wasn't required. Then, in  Katz v. United States , the Court established the right to privacy as a defense against warrantless searches.  Fast forward to 45 years after the Katz decision and we have the United States v. Jones case. This case was an appeal from the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals that went on to the Supreme Court, on the issue of whether a warrant is needed to attach a GPS tracking device to a vehicle. 

Please review the summaries of these three cases by selecting the name of the case above. 

Is it a reasonable progression based on the Court's analysis to require a warrant before the government places a GPS on a vehicle? Why or why not? 

Based on the Court's interpretation of the right to privacy under the 4th Amendment, should a warrant be required to place a GPS? Why or why not? 

Assuming that a warrant is required, what are the exceptions to this requirement that might apply when the government legally places a GPS on a vehicle? 


What is Social Media Marketing and what role does the ACT Methodology play in online marketing?


Business: Klassik Styles Hair Salon

Last week we talked about questions that we might ask and the ones we could not ask. What other things can you do in the hiring process an what are some things you cannot do?


Business: Klassik Styles Hair Salon

Building upon your Positioning Statement and Unique Selling Proposition, develop an outline that you will use to help you create a non-print advertisement. This non-print can be for radio, a podcast, YouTube, etc. It is an advertisement that cannot be touched, like print (newspaper, flyer, etc.). In your outline, include brief explanations as to why you have chosen those elements to help you create your advertisement


Major (health care administration)

Describe a problem you might want to explore in your final paper. Then try to persuade your classmates to share your view that this problem needs to be looked at. Your initial post will have two parts:

· What is the problem? Describe it in terms of who, what, where, when, how, and why. 

· Why should this problem be examined? Persuade your peers that money/time should be committed to this problem. Use the appeals of ethos, logos, and pathos (described here in Types of Persuasive Appeals ) as appropriate to convince them that this is an important issue to be studied and/or solved.

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