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For Assessment 2 you will choose a business organisation that has its headquarters in your own country and identify an ethical issue in their area of operations


Business ethics report. You need to learn six PowerPoint slides to complete the report.

Find a Chinese company for a case study(I recommend Nongfu Spring "Fukushima White Peach"

), Completion of a 500 word letter to the company, and a 2000 word report.

MGMT3006 – Assessment 2

For Assessment 2 you will choose a business organisation that has its headquarters in your own country

and identify an ethical issue in their area of operations. The issue you choose must be related to the topics

from Modules 5 and 6 of this unit.

You will then write a piece of communication to them about their performance on this issue, and support

that with a 2,000-word piece of academic writing using the assigned readings and ideas from the unit to

explain and support the position you express in the communication.

You should choose one of the following options:

Option 1: Write a constructive feedback email or letter to them, expressing concern about their

performance in this area and encouraging them to consider making efforts to improve their

performance in this area (including suggested improvements).

Option 2: Write an email or letter of praise, expressing your positive regard for their performance in

this area (including specific positive feedback on their performance in this area).

The assessment will need to take the following format:

Part One: The email or letter (500 words). This section should be in non-technical language and does not

need to include academic citations (though it will need to cite any direct quotes and ideas from authors if

you choose to use them).

Part Two: A fully refenced academic report of 2,000 words explaining the connections between the ideas

from the unit and readings and the views you express in your communication to the organisation (in

other words, how the views you expressed in the communication for Part One are supported by and

show an understanding of these ideas).

Whichever option you choose, use the ideas from Weeks 1-6 of the unit to explain and support your

position on their performance regarding this issue and the nature and significance of the issue.

Your work should use and demonstrate an understanding of the key topics, ideas and theories covered

in modules 1 to 6 of this unit and make extensive use of the Required Readings for those modules.

The marking guide will be provided in Blackboard.

Worth: 40 marks

Due: See the Unit Outline Submission:

This report will be submitted through Turnitin in Blackboard. Draft submission is available. Assessment cover sheet:

Please ensure to complete and include the cover sheet (available in Blackboard) and use the file name

format specified below.

Assessment Instructions:

Suggested Report Format:

• Cover sheet (available in Blackboard) • Table of Contents • Summary of your chosen issue and the organisation’s performance on that issue (300 words) • Full text of the letter or email (500 words) • Support academic report (2,000 words) • References

Assessment Formatting Requirements:

• Use size 11 Calibri or Arial font • Use 1.5 paragraph spacing • Complete the required coversheet (available in Blackboard) • Use Chicago referencing and use page numbers for all in-text citations • Ensure your file has your student number and a page number in the footer of each page • The file name should be: Student Number-UnitCode-Study Period-Year-Assessment2 (e.g.


Advice to Students: • Your paper should show a strong understanding of the key ideas, theories, issues, and Required

Readings from Modules 1-6 and use these ideas and these readings extensively to support your


• You will need to use all the Required Readings from Modules 1-6 (that is, those readings listed

in the Program Calendar).

• You are not required to include an Executive Summary.

• The assessment rubric and the marking guide for this assessment are in Blackboard.

• You do not need to cover every ethical issue discussed in class. Focus on those most relevant to

your chosen issue and explain why you believe these are the most relevant issues.

• All in-text references must include page numbers and all items in your end of paper References

list must include a DOI where one is available.

• Use as many references as you wish but your main focus should be substantial use of the

Required Readings. ‘Substantial use’ means not just mentioning these once or twice. For key

concepts it will mean multiple citations to each reading in defining and applying the concepts

and quoting, explaining, and applying multiple, specific, key ideas from each.

• Do not rely on lecture slides, blog posts, or other websites to define key ideas from the unit (use

the assigned readings for this).

• It goes without saying that you must reference other people’s work or ideas.

  • Due: See the Unit Outline Submission:
  • Assessment cover sheet:
  • Suggested Report Format:
  • Advice to Students:

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