Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Provide an analysis of the outcomes of the professional development and implementation of practices on positive student performance. 2-3 pages include citation FosteringaCultureo - Writeedu

Provide an analysis of the outcomes of the professional development and implementation of practices on positive student performance. 2-3 pages include citation FosteringaCultureo

Provide an analysis of the outcomes of the professional development and implementation of practices on positive student performance.

  • 2-3 pages
  • include citation

Component I: Description of how a small group of teachers and paraprofessionals that

would benefit from working as a team to improve practice were selected.

Hawkins & McMahon (2020) quoted these lines from Charles Handy’s book,

Understanding Organizations: “In all organizations there are individuals and groups competing

for influence or resources, there are differences of opinion and of values, conflicts of priorities

and of goals. There are pressure groups and lobbies, cliques and cabals, rivalries and contests,

clashes of personality and bonds of alliance.” Charles Handy perfectly describes the kind of

culture that currently exists among the group of teachers and paraeducators in the Life Skills

program at Hanford High School.

In less than two months of school, four of the nine paraeducators providing support to

teachers and students in the Life Skills classrooms reported experiencing emotional stress from

conflicts about expectations, power struggles within the group, and differences of opinion about

group goals, roles, and procedures. Teachers having conflicting opinions, values, and priorities

cause miscommunication and conflicts as well. I did not have to look that far; I know major

changes need to be made in my own department.

As shapers of organizational culture, leaders are responsible for shifting cultural patterns

as challenging it may be (Hawkins & McMahon, 2020, p. 127). As an instructional leader, I take

the responsibility of establishing and maintaining a collaborative learning environment for my

own team by building interpersonal relationships and designing opportunities for teachers and

paraeducators to effectively collaborate to improve practice and to better serve the students in

our classrooms as we play significant roles in preparing them for post-secondary life.


Hawkins, P., & McMahon, A. (2020). Supervision in the Helping Professions (5th ed.).

McGraw-Hill Education.

A detailed summary of the process working through the professional development with

the small group of teachers and paraeducators. The summary includes feedback from

the group members on improving practice in working with small groups.

For this school year, as the Life Skills team lead at Hanford High School, one of my main

goals is to forge interpersonal relationships and improve instruction and delivery of services

through designing meaningful professional development (PD) opportunities and sustainable

structures to cultivate collaborative learning culture. At the beginning of the school year on our

very first PLC session, my team of teachers and paraeducators discussed the common

problems all Life Skills classrooms face in our school. Prior to the meeting, I sent out a survey

to determine their concerns, needs, and topics that we should be focusing on for our PD

training. Based on their feedback, we were able to determine the majority’s concern of how out

of sync teachers and paraeducators are in dealing with student behaviors which is almost

always the root cause of conflict among adults. They pointed out that these conflicts usually

arise when one adult approaches or intervenes in a situation that differs with the other adult in

the classroom. Another concern that was brought up by the teachers was the inadequate

transition services and support provided to students and their families by the district. I shared

the data and information I collected with the team and we used it to create our PD calendar for

the year. To ensure full attendance and participation, we agreed to dedicate the first Friday of

every month for PD during PLC hour.

Planning for September PD, I collaborated with our district’s occupational therapists and

psychologists for a Sensory Integration Training. Sensory integration strategies are for people

who have sensory processing difficulties or difficulties understanding sensory input which our

students with autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, or developmental delays have a hard time

dealing with everyday. We, the presenters, received a positive response from the team. One

prevalent feedback I received from my team was that understanding student behaviors and how

to address each of our student’s sensory needs should always be our first order of business in

order to be successful in teaching our students. According to one team member, being able to

understand, create, and successfully implement a sensory diet, helps his student feel calm,

ready to learn, and in control of his body. Moreover, the paraeducators requested to have

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NCI) training specific for students with severe behavior disorders.

For the month of October, I focused on connecting all the life skills teachers in the district

to gain knowledge of the different transition services in our community. One major setback was

getting full participation from all members. To resolve this, I sent out a survey of preferred PLC

day and time and frequency. We decided on meeting via Zoom bi-weekly from 7:00 am – 8am.

Three of the successful outcomes for this PD opportunity were that we were able to do a tour of

the two major adult day care programs in the Tri-Cities, attend a Transition Symposium and Fair

for Students with Disabilities and their Families in Yakima, and partnered with local agencies to

hold a District Parent Transition Information Night for all our students’ families. We had a good

turn out with about 20 families attending the event. They left with so much information and were

very appreciative to be given this opportunity to help plan for their student’s future. During our

performance review, the Life Skills teachers reported that they need more community

connection to open more“hands on” or practical learning experiences for our students. Some of

the suggestions that were offered were getting district administrators more involved and holding

a region wide transition event similar to that in Yakima.

For the months of November and December, teachers and paraeducators remotely

attended Inclusionary Practices Training via Zoom. Every year, the RSD partners with the

Benton Franklin Counties Special Education PTA to provide free professional development

opportunities focused around Understanding & Supporting Students With Autism & ADHD. The

main presenters included experts from Caravel Autism, Center of Excellence (COE) at Tri Cities

Community Health, and at the Arc of Tri Cities. Guest experts also joined these speakers. All

workshops are provided on the first Monday of the month. After the training, I met with my team

and brainstormed about what they have learned and what strategies they can implement in their

classrooms. One of the feedback I received was having the training in-person would be more

beneficial and getting an expert on campus would be a plus. Due to financial constraints, this

can be very challenging.

For January, I put together a Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NCI) review training for the

Life Skills teachers and staff focusing on prevention, de-escalation, personal safety, and

physical intervention for specific students in our classrooms. This was actually

requested by one of our new paraeducators who was having difficulty handling his 1:1

student with violent and aggressive tendencies.

For the months of March and April, I worked with our SLP and invited our district’s

Assistive Technology specialist to conduct AAC training to teach our teachers and staff to use

AAC devices and programs with our students with communication needs.

Since we started this year, significant changes have been observed in our Life Skills

classrooms. Teachers and paraeducators are more in sync. Collaborative practices are more

evident. And most importantly, student behavior strategies seem to be working effectively as the

adults are working together. More doors have also opened for our students and families

needing support as their transition to post-secondary life.

Being in a leadership role, I feel responsible for making sure that I am able to provide not

only the needs of the students we serve but also of my team. As I continue to plan, create, and

implement meaningful professional development opportunities for teachers and staff in my team,

I am finding myself growing as well. The positive and negative feedback I receive from them

allow me to improve not just professionally but personally as well.

Provide an analysis of the outcomes of the professional development and

implementation of practices on positive student performance.

– 2-3 pages

– include citation

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