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Read EACH Students Response Provide THREE references to support your answer to the student I dont care of you use the same references to respond to all three students but


 Read EACH Students Response

Provide THREE references to support your answer to the student

I dont care of you use the same references to respond to all three students but each answer MUST have three PEER REVIEWED references to support your response on if you agree or dont agree with the students answer to this weeks questions


Student Responses Org 817

Original Question – Can an organization be considered a learning organization and exhibit limited or no innovation and creativity? Why or why not?

Student Responses

Student One – LARIS

Innovation is the process of creating something new (Merriam-Webster, n.d.). Jain (2015) further explains innovation as capturing new ideas, discussing, developing, and eventually commercializing those ideas and products. Innovation is integral to a learning organization (Ellinger & Ellinger, 2021). Witherspoon (2022) studies learning organizations, specifically higher education organizations as learning organizations and shows an organization cannot exhibit limited or no innovation and creativity. A learning organization is an organization with a strategic plan to foster innovation and implement change to better the organization and move the organization forward (Witherspoon, 2022). Organizations that do not exhibit innovation and creativity cannot be considered learning organizations based on the previous definition and the basic principles of what a learning organization possesses (Wijker & Bogolyubov, 2023).


An organization that exhibits limited or no innovation and creativity cannot be considered a learning organization. Learning is a collective interactive process in which individuals share, interpret, and integrate knowledge (Tandon, 2022, p. 5). Learning and innovation are processes that benefit from hierarchy-free, mutual interactions (p. 7). To remain competitive, organizations need to be able to learn how to innovate in new and emerging ways (Wijker & Bogolyubov, 2023, p. 93). Organizations that learn and encourage learning among their people are learning organizations (Sebestova & Rylkova, 2011, p. 954). Building a learning organization is a means to become an innovative company (p. 954). However, organizational learning is not necessarily related to innovation's success, which is the ability to adopt or implement new ideas, processes, or products with success (p. 955). The challenges facing managers is making effort and taking action to learn new skills and techniques to be capable of development (p. 960). Stimulating learning in organizations support structure for innovation (Njos & Fosse, 2019, p. 420). Innovation often results from the ability to use existing knowledge and information to generate new knowledge or processes (Sung & Choi, 2014, p. 393). Interpersonal and organizational learning practices increase organizational innovative performance (p. 408). In volatile environments, intellectual capital is an intangible resource that contributes to the organization's attainment and sustainment of superior performance (Liu et al., 2020, p. 1208). There has to be a connection between organization and society perspectives (Muff, 2021, p. 2). Focusing on the economic wellbeing of the organization cannot happen at the expense of the environment or society (p. 2). If an organization does not innovate or use creative outlets to stay competitive, they cannot be a learning organization.


An organization cannot be considered a learning organization if it exhibits limited or no creativity and innovation. This is due to the definitions of learning organization and creativity/innovation. The term learning organization, originally coined in 1990 by Peter Senge (Pascu et al., 2023), describes organizations in which employees continually generate novel ideas and patterns of thought, where aspirations to do so are unhindered, and where all employees are learning to see and think holistically (Reese, 2020). AlEssa and Durugbo (2021) note that innovation necessitates the identification of current and future problems followed by the intentional generation, introduction, and application of original ideas in order to create market value and obtain or maintain competitive advantage in the pursuit of sustainability. These definitions demonstrate that, in order to be considered a learning organization and experience long-term sustainability, leaders must encourage and employees must demonstrate aspiration, think holistically, generate new ideas, and innovate. Without innovation, an organization cannot be considered a learning organization.   

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