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The Cruisin Fusion taco trucks are gaining popularity, fueling a demand for an order-ahead option on the website. After careful consideration, the team has decided to add shopping cart


The Cruisin’ Fusion taco trucks are gaining popularity, fueling a demand for an order-ahead option on the website. After careful consideration, the team has decided to add shopping cart software to the Cruisin’ Fusion website to meet this demand. 

Research various shopping cart software to determine the best choice for website.

Write a 1- to 2-page blog post to launch this new feature and to reassure your customers that placing online orders is safe. Your blog post should do the following:

  • Introduce the order-ahead option.
  • Explain the differences between ethics, organizational policies, and laws.
  • Analyze how the new shopping cart software upholds ethical trends in consumer privacy.
  • Describe organizational policies that will be implemented to help protect consumer data.
  • Examine ethical considerations for maintaining confidentiality and consumer data.
  • Describe the various privacy laws and regulations upheld with the shopping cart software.

Title Page

Cruisin’ Fusion

Student’s Name; Britney Jackson

Instructor’s Name: Ellen Gaston

Course: CMGT 582

Date: 05/16/2022


Developing a website inherited from Uncle AI is a great idea on developing a chain of concession.

Clearly, a website can improve the chain of concession just like it did improve the taco business with the taco food truck.

Change is inevitable and diversifying the business is a good idea.

The thought of expanding the business is wise as it is diverse and thus will target more customers.

Also, diversifying will mean partnering with friends which will increase capital and better-informed decisions will be made due to consultation among the partners.

The partnering also increases the marketing team thus increase in pay off.

Targeting more people and more customers is a great idea that will lead to business expansion due to a large target market.

Partnering with friends to expand the target market with the concession truck is a great idea that will open new markets for the business. Delivering distinctive and healthy meals in events, outdoor concerts, rallies and sports events will lead to the success of the business as the customers get quality services delivered to them.


Ethical issues related to employee data collection and management

The business should collect only the necessary data from the customer and any information not related to business should not be collected.

During the collection of the data, the customers data should be protected and should not be used to put the customer in jeopardy

The customers data should not be shared to any third part or unauthorized party without seeking the customers consent (Milano et al.,2020).

The business should not browse or go through customers data unnecessarily.

The collected data should not be sold to any third party for instance competitors to make any business gains.

Any errors found in the customer data collected should be corrected.

During data collection, the business should ensure they combat any behavior that may lead to the customers being harmed.

The collection of data should be voluntarily as a customer should not be forced to providing any information.

Protecting customer information

The business should aim at protecting the information provided to them by the customers as a way to protect both the business and their customers and this can be done in several ways.

The business should install a software for data protection and ensure they regularly update the software.

The customer data provided should be encrypted to ensure no third parties get access to it.

The files used to collect the data from customers should be destroyed before being dumped to insure they do not land into unauthorized hands (Singh et al.,2020).

Strong passwords should be used to store the information.

In case any data is stored in hard copies, they should be physically locked and kept in safe places.

Only customer data that will be needed in future should be kept by the business.

When the customers provide a business with information, it is clear that they trust the business will use that information for the good of both the business and the customers. Therefore, it is only fair and ethical that the business ensures the data they collected from the customers is secure. The business should ensure the data is inaccessible to third parties and it is not used for fraud or committing crimes. The business cn easily do this if it understands the type of data it is dealing with and the importance of protecting that information.


Need to protect intellectual property of customers

For the customers that submit their name suggestions, there will be a need for protection.

Protecting the intellectual property of these customers will be critical in fostering innovation.

For any inventions made under that name, individuals and businesses will be entitled to reap full benefits (Ali & Tang 2022).

The development and research activities carried out by the business will be protected by the registrations and intellectual property rights.

During negotiation for counterclaims and cross-licensing, the business will have a strong ground for the negotiations.

The business will be in a position to protect other businesses from using a similar creation or product as theirs.

The intellectual property of customers in this case will cover any name, design idea, discovery, or creative work produced by the customer. Since the customer will go through all the trouble to produce name suggestions, there is need to protect them which in return will protect any invention, idea or creativity developed by the business in this name.


Protection Cruisin’ Fusion needs in order to use the suggested name

To use the name suggested by the customer, the business needs protection to ensure the name remains valid for the business.

The business should enter into a contract with the customer who suggested the name and comes up with a strategy to acquire the name from them and make it the business’s official name.

The business should then register the domain name as theirs. Registering the business with this name is a step towards stopping any disappointment in the future in case the customer claims the name since the registration is irreversible.

For protection purposes, the business should trademark the business name as well as the logo.

Protecting the name of the company ensures that Cruisin Fusion is the lawful owner of the business name and that it is the only entity allowed to conduct business with that name. the protection also ensures that the customer that came up with the name is compensated but will not claim the name later. The business name is an asset thus it requires to be protected since it is the main factor identified with the business. Protecting a business name means protecting its brands, logos and also innovations.


Protection disclaimer required by the customer

The customers require that the personal information they provided during the businesses’ data collection should be used only for business purposes.

The customers require that no competitor or a third party should get access to their personal information.

The customers personal information should be stored in secure software and should be encrypted.

All the intellectual property collected during the contest should be utilized for the gain of the business and the customers involved should be rewarded for their participation in acquiring them.

The advertised products that are on the website should have the name of the customer whose name suggestion won the contest.

The disclaimers posted on the blog will address the liability that will befall the business in case they violate the terms and conditions of their agreement with the customers. The disclaimer will motivate the business towards operating under the set rules to avoid the business name being used in a way that would mislead the public.



Singh, M., Pilkington, C., & Staden, W. V. (2020, August). Protecting Personal Data Within a South African Organisation. In International Information Security Conference (pp. 50-64). Springer, Cham.

Ali, S., & Tang, H. (2022). Is intellectual property beneficial to knowledge management? Literature review on organizational knowledge protection. Journal of the Knowledge Economy, 1-19.

Milano, S., Taddeo, M., & Floridi, L. (2020). Recommender systems and their ethical challenges. Ai & Society, 35(4), 957-967.

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