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Your final in this course is an original research paper investigating a social problem of your choosing. In this paper, you must address the following aspects of your problem

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Your final in this course is an original research paper investigating a social problem of your choosing. In this paper, you must address the following aspects of your problem:

-What sociological causes and explanations have been linked to this problem? Keep in mind the various theoretical perspectives. -What social factors (structural, cultural, interactional, political, etc.) contribute to the existence of the problem? -What do sociologists or other experts believe may be potential solutions to this problem?

Your paper must meet the following requirements: -must be 5-8 pages, double spaced, size 12 Times New Roman font -must be submitted in .doc or .docx format -must cite at least three scholarly sources* -must include a reference page in APA format.

*"Scholarly sources" include articles published in peer-reviewed journals and books published by university presses and other reputable presses for scholarly material. Many sources are available using the Library available via your EGCC Gateway, which provides guides for searching and allows you to restrict your search results to peer-reviewed publications. If you have questions regarding whether your sources are acceptable, please contact your instructor. Note that news articles, Internet pages, and Wikipedia will not be accepted as scholarly sources, no matter how good they sound.

To assist you in writing your paper in APA format, please visit the Purdue Online Writing Lab by clicking on the link. Links to an external site.




Proposal for Research Paper on Homelessness in the United States

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Proposal for Research Paper on Homelessness in the United States (U.S)


Homelessness is a social problem that is detrimental to many residents in the U.S.

· The issue of homelessness is not only a result of individual circumstances but also stems from societal factors such as economic inequality, housing policies, and social welfare programs (Mabhala et al., 2017).

· Homelessness is an issue that need for a multifaceted response that incorporates both immediate and long-term measures (Alpert, 2021).

· This study will investigate the origins, explanations, and social elements that contribute to homelessness, as well as some possible responses to the crisis.

Background and Definition of Homelessness:

· The definition of homelessness varies, but it is generally understood as a lack of stable and safe housing (Alpert, 2021).

· Homelessness characterized by persons who are living on the streets, in shelters, or in inadequate housing such as motels or cars (Alowaimer, 2018).

Sociological Causes and Explanations of Homelessness:

· The sociological causes and explanations of homelessness can be understood through various theoretical perspectives.

· According to structural functionalism, the breakdown of social structures like the family, schooling, and the economy leads to people experiencing homelessness (Zhao, 2022).

· According to the conflict theory, poverty arises from a society's unequal allocation of wealth (Zhao, 2022).

· Symbolic interactionism suggests that homelessness is a result of the labeling and stigmatization of individuals who are homeless.

· Homelessness is also linked to factors such as poverty, unemployment, mental illness, substance abuse, and domestic violence (Zhao, 2022).

Social Factors Contributing to Homelessness:

· Various social factors also influence the existence of homelessness.

· Structural factors such as housing policies, gentrification, and economic inequality contribute to the lack of affordable housing and stable employment opportunities (Alowaimer, 2018).

· Stigma and prejudice towards homeless people are examples of cultural elements that exacerbate the issue.

· Political factors such as the lack of funding for social welfare programs and cuts to mental health and substance abuse treatment programs exacerbate the problem (Alowaimer, 2018).

Potential Solutions to Homelessness:

· Numerous approaches to resolving homelessness have been offered by sociological scholars and other specialists.

· Temporary shelters, temporary housing, and supportive services including psychological and addiction treatment are examples of what may be done in the short term (Zhao, 2022). Long-term solutions include increasing the availability of affordable housing, expanding social welfare programs, and implementing policies that address economic inequality and provide stable employment opportunities (Zhao, 2022).

· Additionally, efforts to reduce stigma and discrimination against individuals who are homeless can also help to address the problem.


· Homelessness is a social problem that needs a comprehensive intervention.

· Understanding the sociological causes and explanations of homelessness, as well as the social factors that contribute to its existence, can help to inform solutions to the problem (Alpert, 2021).

· By implementing both short-term and long-term solutions, this results to teaming up towards addressing the housing challenge in U.S.


Alowaimer, O. (2018). Causes, effects and issues of homeless people. Journal of Socialomics, 07(03).

Alpert, J. S. (2021). Homeless in America. The American Journal of Medicine, 134(3), 295–296.

Mabhala, M. A., Yohannes, A., & Griffith, M. (2017). Social Conditions of becoming homelessness: Qualitative analysis of life stories of Homeless Peoples. International Journal for Equity in Health, 16(1).

Zhao, E. (2022). The key factors contributing to the persistence of homelessness. International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Ecology, 30(1), 1–5.

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