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Assignment: History of an Appendectomy Assignment:

Assignment: History of an Appendectomy Assignment: History of an Appendectomy ORDER NOW FOR AN ORIGINAL PAPER ASSIGNMENT: Assignment: History of an Appendectomy Question 31. 31. A 26-year-old, non-smoker, male presented to your clinic with SOB with eertion. This could be due to: (Points : 2) Eercise-induced cough Bronchiectasis Alpha-1 deficiency Pericarditis Question 32. 32. (*There are multiple questions on this eam related to this scenario. Be sure to read the whole way through to the question.) Mr. Keenan is a 42-year-old man with a mild history of GERD and a remote history of an appendectomy, presenting with an acute onset of significant right upper-quadrant abdominal pain and vomiting. His pain began after a large meal, was unrelieved by a proton-pump inhibitor, was unlike his previous episodes of heartburn, but upon questioning, reports milder, prodromal episodes of similar post-prandial pain. His pain seems to radiate to his back. Despite a family history of cardiac disease, he reports no classic anginal signs or chest pain. He furthermore denies respiratory or pleuritic signs and denies fever, night sweats, and unintended weight loss. Finally, there are no dermatologic signs, nor genitourinary symptoms. Of the following lab studies, which would provide little help in determining your differential diagnosis? (Points : 2) Abdominal plain films Liver function tests Amylase/lipase Urinalysis Question 33. 33. A 22-year-old female comes to your office with complaints of right lower quadrant abdominal pain, which has been worsening over the last 24 hours. On eamination of the abdomen, there is a palpable mass and rebound tenderness over the right lower quadrant. The clinician should recognize the importance of: (Points : 2) Digital rectal eamination Endoscopy Pelvic eamination Urinalysis Question 34. 34. A nurse practitioner reports that your patient’s abdominal -ray demonstrates multiple air-fluid levels in the bowel. This is a diagnostic finding found in: (Points : 2) Appendicitis Cholecystitis Bowel Obstruction Diverticulitis Question 35. 35. Your patient is a 78-year-old female with a smoking history of 120-pack years. She complains of hoarseness that has developed over the last few months. It is important to eclude the possibility of: (Points : 2) Thrush Laryngeal cancer Carotidynia Thyroiditis Question 36. 36. Functional abilities are best assessed by: (Points : 2) Self-report of function Observed assessment of function A comprehensive head-to-toe eamination Family report of function Question 37. 37. Essential parts of a health history include all of the following ecept: (Points : 2) Chief complaint History of the present illness Current vital signs All of the above are essential history components Question 38. 38. An 86-year-old patient who wears a hearing aid complains of poor hearing in the affected ear. In addition to possible hearing aid malfunction, this condition is often due to: (Points : 2) Acoustic neuroma Cerumen impaction Otitis media Ménière’s disease Question 39. 39. Upon assessment of respiratory ecursion, the clinician notes asymmetric epansion of the chest. One side epands greater than the other. This could be due to: (Points : 2) Pneumothora Pleural effusion Pneumonia Pulmonary embolism Question 40. 40. When interpreting laboratory data, you would epect to see the following in a patient with Anemia of Chronic Disease (ACD): (Points : 2) Hemoglobin <12 g/dl, MCV decreased, MCH decreased Hemoglobin >12 g/dl, MCV increased, MCH increased Hemoglobin <12 g/dl, MCV normal, MCH normal Hemoglobin >12 g/dl, MCV decreased, MCH increased

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