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CJUS 987 Progress Report: Literature Review The progress of the research is currently addressing the literature review of the assignment. The literature review, as a second chapter in the study, is essential in the development of the flow and directi

Your thread should include:

  • Descriptions of previous tasks and your current progress (if you are new to the process, please discuss your previous course work).
  • Any communications or guidance that your chair has given you.
  • Goals to be completed within the semester.
  • Challenges that you have or currently are facing.

CJUS 987

Discussion Assignment Instructions

In this course, you will participate in 3 Discussions. The purpose of these discussions is to ensure that you and your chair understand the work that you have done and the steps needed to finish.

For each discussion, you will write a short, informal thread detailing your work up to this current module. Your thread should be between 150 – 400 words. No peer replies are required for this assignment; however, you are encouraged to read your peers’ threads and provide encouragement to build community.



Progress Report






Progress Report: Literature Review

The progress of the research is currently addressing the literature review of the assignment. The literature review, as a second chapter in the study, is essential in the development of the flow and direction of the project. The literature review addresses various aspect of the overall study. It helps the researcher in changing the turn of the research by assessing the current data against the previously collected. In addition, while comparing the study to other studies, the literature review shows how to proceed in the right manner.

Importance of Literature Review

Literature reviews are much of the time experienced toward the beginning of examination papers. This is on the grounds that a literature review illuminates the audience on where the exploration local area remains regarding a specific part and uncovers research deficiencies. The review piece then utilizes new exploration to address the deficiencies. A literature review is utilized by scientists to uncover parts of a point that poor person yet been entirely researched. They then continue to do explore to close the exploration hole. This is the way scholastics add to the headway of information on a specific subject.

Challenges Experienced.

The worth of a literature review in a logical distribution may be consolidated into a scientific component to consider its diverse application. It adds to the examination's believability in different ways. It deciphers current literature considering ongoing improvements in the subject, aiding the foundation of information consistency and the significance of existing assets. Aside from exhibiting the progression of information, it likewise features regions that need extra assessment, filling in as a leaping off point for future examination. It likewise helps with the reception of a more suitable exploration philosophy by surveying the qualities and blemishes of past examination in a similar subject. Besides, it helps with getting appropriate credit from the crowd for the reality finding and truth looking at mission conveyed in the logical work. Directing a literature review supports the improvement of information in the point. Significant ideas, research strategies, and trial approaches utilized in the subject are covered. One additionally figures out how specialists apply the subjects they've learned in class to genuine difficulties.


Dissertation Topic

Information norms indicate ways of obtaining shared information things and sociodemographic qualities. Information depictions, normalized requests, and supported reaction options are instances of laid out guidelines that drive predictable information assortment rehearses. Up until this point, the thesis has observed the information gathering rules. It perceives that information gathering from clients could happen in various settings and where getting sufficient information can be testing, and that how much data gained will differ contingent upon the circumstance. Emergency or crisis situations, when staff focus on a singular's wellbeing, or circumstances where a singular's security might be disregarded by getting some information about delicate issues are instances of occurrences where explicit information social affair might be restricted.

Description of Progress

Week one progress consisted of reviewing various books on the subject in order to narrow down an area of interest that might be used as a useful research topic. In addition, an early review of research directions and resources was used to begin an assessment of possible data gathering methodologies. Work has begun with the goal of submitting it for approval as soon as possible. Furthermore, while textbooks invariably and appropriately reflect authors' specific methodologies and interpretive decisions, certain generic features that textbooks should contain can be identified. The author realizes that textbooks will differ greatly depending on various of criteria, such as the intended audience's academic background, the course's scope, and the writers' approaches. As a result, it is possible to follow textbook guidelines.

Previous Work Done

Previous studies centering on the impact of juvenile justice system on African Americans have addressed juvenile delinquency and coping skills where Hoffmann and Dufur (2018) elaborated the association of deviant behavior with delinquency in adolescents. Peck et al., (2018) elaborated on strain theory in relation to the engagement of children in delinquent behaviors. Also, Agnew and Brezina (2019) addressed the types of strain in relation to social behavior. Previous work also addressed personality traits and emotions using the strain theory as well as other theories. For instance, the social control hypothesis addresses juvenile delinquency as per the social connection wither deficient or weakened. Studies had addressed juvenile delinquency into four categories namely property, person, public order, and drug. Other studies informed the topic by addressing recidivism, race and gender, environment and social factors emotional wellness and mental health. They also addressed the use of diversion programs, in-home probation, and health courts as informing aspects of the impact of juvenile justice system on African Americans.


A dissertation is a type of academic assignment. The researcher is aware that there is a study topic and that he or she must organize and carry out the project by exploring that issue and documenting their results. As a result, the study's goal is to talk about the proposed topic with a member of the academic staff who may oversee the research. Academic staff are generally amenable to proposals as long as they believe they know enough about the subject to supervise it and it can be construed as coming within the broad ranges of the degree subject.


The discovery that the planned primary research could be problematic from a data gathering aspect, as it does not seem to be a strong single source of information for the topic, was one of the first week's barriers. The scientist will continue to look for new data and new ways to obtain original data on the subject, including tapping into his or her private contacts of experts and researchers.

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