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cy Management

Final Exam

Question 1 (TCO 1) The basic social group is the:

Group of answer choices




nuclear family.

social hold.

Question 2 (TCO 1) This is a disaster-planning network that increases coordination among local agencies.

Group of answer choices

LEMC Local Emergency Management Committee

NEMC National Emergency Management Council

LERC Local Emergency Rescue Committee

LCMC Local Coalition of Management Consultants

MERC Mid-State Emergency Reconstruction Consortium

Question 3 (TCO 2) Successful implementation of policy formation requires the policy to be consistent with the agencies commitment and:

Group of answer choices






Question 4 (TCO 2) When creating a LEMA Program Plan, you must write a ____________ to reduce the capability shortfall which may carry over from a prior year.

Group of answer choices

multiyear development plan



promissory note agreement

surplus agreement

Question 5 (TCO 3) A situation in which there is a significantly increased probability of an incident occurring that will threaten the publics health, safety, or property is called a/an:

Group of answer choices

protracted problem.

limited disaster.

property recovery.

public health violation.

escalating crisis.

Question 6 (TCO 3) Agricultural plants and animals can be hurt by hazards. There are differences between individuals within each plant and animal population, and each species has its own response. This is referred to by emergency planners as:

Group of answer choices

human vulnerability.

structural vulnerability.

botanical vulnerability.

agricultural vulnerability.

biodiversity vulnerability.

Question 7 (TCO 4) When those at risk know that they have to take action, and when the answer as to their need to take action is crucial to their wellbeing, it is the beginning of _______________________.

Group of answer choices

protective action search

protective action implementation

information needs assessment

communication action implementation

risk identification

Question 8 (TCO 4) This source describes exposure to most natural hazards and some technological hazards. They are a good start toward assessing the potential impacts of disasters.

Group of answer choices

Hazard Exposure Assessments

Technological Emergency Planning Guides

Disaster Impact Guides

Multi Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments

Manual for Technological Disasters

Question 9 (TCO 5) This system was created in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and is a standardized system for managing emergency preparedness and emergency response.

Group of answer choices

The National Emergency Broadcast System (NEBS)

The National Incident Management System (NIMS)

The National Disaster Awareness Network (NDAN)

The National Emergency Planners Network (NEPN)

The National Disaster Planners Network (NDPN)

Question 10 (TCO 5) The federal agency responsible for large-scale support and national protection is called the:

Group of answer choices

State Emergency Management Agency.

Department of Defense.

Department of Homeland Security.

Federal Emergency Management Agency.

National Guard for the state of the incident.

Question 11 (TCO 5) When establishing internal direction and control, there must be ______________ of disaster operations, which involves the monitoring performance of field units to verify that they are responding in accordance with the EOP and agency SOPs.

Group of answer choices


Management oversight




Question 12 (TCO 6) Subunits are established to limit the number of personnel directly supervised by each unit manager. This is usually five subordinates, but can range from three to seven. This is called:

Group of answer choices

manageable span of control.

manageable horizontal limit.

manageable body of power.

manageable job functionality.

manageable limits of control.

Question 13 (TCO 6) A single incident commander manages most incidents. This is called:

Group of answer choices

unified command.

single command.

sole command.

singular command.

utility command.

Question 14 (TCO 6) The emergency class should be higher when the local population is more vulnerable to the threat. For example: A given wind speed is more dangerous for wood-frame buildings with unprotected windows than for steel reinforced concrete buildings with window shutters. When referring to the local population, this is called:

Group of answer choices

structural vulnerability.

community vulnerability.

community viability.

community potential.

structural-damage potential.

Question 15 (TCO 7) This failure mechanism occurs when the height of the water in the river puts pressure on the water that has seeped into the riverbed, under the levees, and in the soil on the landward side of the levee. This causes boils of muddy water that erode a path for the water to flow underneath and then behind the levee, causing:

Group of answer choices


seepage erosion.


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