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DQ1: Yirlem What is the cultural context of her sadness?

DQ1: Yirlem

What is the cultural context of her sadness?

Based on Pakistani’s cultural context, the new mother expects assistance from close family members. Beliefs and customs associated with labor and delivery vary across cultures despite the same physiologic processes for all mothers. Andrews, Boyle, & Collins (2019) posit that many Asian new mothers may be uncomfortable expressing their feelings and cultural beliefs dictate that they have one-month bedrest to assist in healing. In this case, the Pakistan immigrant woman needs her family members to assist her during the healing. Ali, Habiba, & Ullah (2018) argue that support from intimate relations is critical for Pakistan women after birth. Chilla is a postpartum practice in Pakistan where mothers receive additional familial support, relief from household chores, and supplemental food for approximately one month (LeMasters et al., 2020). 

What can the nurse do to assist her?

The nurse should provide culturally competent care by incorporating traditional beliefs and evidence-based practices to improve birth experiences. As a result, the nurse should learn the role of childbearing in Pakistani culture (Andrews, Boyle, & Collins, 2019). Likewise, the nurse should demonstrate genuine concern and respect the client’s preferences in order to provide culturally congruent care. Thus, the nurse should ensure the mother receives the necessary support and supplemental food to reduce vulnerability to postpartum depression. In this case, social support is a critical component of postnatal care. The nurse should also develop a social network with nonskin groups in the country and adaptive strategies to maintain transnational ties with her family back in Pakistan.


 DQ2 Yirlem

 Ethical Aspects of Patient Care

1. What are the ethical issues, and what framework would you use to analyze the situation?

One crucial ethical aspect is having the patient’s partner dissent from the various given care assistance. Manti and Licari (2018) assert that a patient may request a specific treatment plan, yet the companion finds it unsuitable. While deciding on this matter may be time-consuming, and practitioners may experience challenges persuading the patient or partner, the disagreement may limit the provision and acquisition of quality care, particularly during emergencies. Another ethical concern entails having health practitioners alleviate family-based disputes before permitting the partner to spend the night with the patient. Andrews et al. (2020) explain the Andrews/ Boyle Transcultural Interprofessional Practice (TIP) model, which reinforces the importance of effective, patient- and client-centered teamwork and cooperation among healthcare team professionals. The authors highlight that this model contains a theoretical basis that emphasizes collaboration and communication among nurses, facilitating them to manage intricate transcultural healthcare issues, care-related challenges, and ethical dilemmas synergistically and respectfully (Andrews et al., 2020). 

2.Describe the research that may support the request

Various studies may support the request fronted by the patient requiring a family member to stay with them the whole night. Particularly, Kipps et al. (2020) study is an imperative research that supports the request of allowing family members besides patients during hospital admissions as it promotes their quick recovery process. Family members’ presence and urge to improve elevates their recuperation process, besides fostering their emotional and mental state. Since lessening hospital stay duration is a primary goal for physicians, permitting family members’ stays is encouraged to help achieve this aim. The study further clarifies that caring for patients encompasses looking after their families, and care services should also focus on the patients’ households (Kipps et al., 2020). 


DQ3: Flor

Financial management is extremely important in healthcare. The reason for that is that the American healthcare system is a private healthcare system and it involves people having to pay for their medical insurance as well as medical bills. This is why financial management is something that the patients, as well as the healthcare providers, must be able to understand and be able to have an idea of what it means to indulge in financial management (Jones et al., 2018).

   It is important for nurses to understand health care financing because of how the nurses would not only be dealing with the patients but they would also be dealing with various other related aspects, such as the patients’ insurance information, as well as the patients’ billing and other finance-related information. Moreover, the nurses must also be aware of how the healthcare financing system works so that they would be able to better guide the patients. Furthermore, nurses can also work in healthcare financing, such as in health insurance companies (Keisler-Starkey & Bunch, 2021). These are all the reasons why nurses must be able to understand health care financing. 

  Some key financial definitions in nursing include the budget cycle, the cost centers, the average length of stay, fixed costs, variable costs, payer mix, bad debt, pay for service, value-based care, and the different types of budgets. This is something that would help the nurses to become aware of the basic financial aspects related to nursing and how they can use them for their benefit as well as for the benefit of their patients (Ren et al., 2020). 

DQ4: Flor

As a nurse manager, the priority finance items that would be prioritized would be the wages of the nurses and other medical staff and the insurance aspects related to the patients. This is because how nurses tend to work really hard, and it is important that they are being paid the right amounts of wages. It is important to ensure that the wages aspects of the nurses are considered to be the priority. This would mean ensuring that the nurses are being paid the correct amount at the right time. Moreover, there can be many issues for nurses, such as overtime, as well as working on statuary holidays. They would have to be paid extra for these times (McHenry & Mellor, 2018). 

An idea staffing assignment for a medical-surgical unit would include two surgeons and six nurses. The reason for that is that one surgeon would require the assistance of three nurses when working on any patient. Other than that, it is important to note that even though most of the time the surgeons are working on one patient, there can be times when more patients might require care. This is where it can be said that an extra team would be prudent. This team would be on call most of the time (Sales & De Castro, 2021). 

An ideal staffing assignment for an ICU would be 10 nurses and two physicians. The reason for that is that nurses are the ones that tend to take care of most of the needs of the patients. They are the ones who administer the medications as well as take the necessary vital signs. In this regard, it can be said that there should be a lot of nurses. If the ICU has a capacity of 50, there should be at least 10 nurses, with the nurse to patient ratio of 1:5 (Griepentrog et al., 2018). 

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