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DQ3 In the rhetorical analysi

ENG105 English Composition

Week 1 Discussion

DQ1 Take a moment to reflect on past writing experiences from your academic, personal, or professional life. Answer the following questions as your initial post. Plan to have 150-200 words.

What was writing like for you as a child or young adult? Do you recall any vivid writing experiences?

How do you currently use writing in academic, personal, and professional experiences?

How might writing be used in future academic, personal, and professional experiences?

Respond to your peers’ reflections about their own writing experiences, finding similarities and differences and considering the role of writing in your life now and in the future.

DQ2 Read the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s page on ADHD; the link is provided below. Use the close reading techniques described in Chapter 1 of the e-book. It may be helpful to print off the page and annotate the text. Then, summarize the website in 150-250 words. Your summary should be similar to the example provded in Chapter 1 of the textbook.

Your summary should answer at least three of the questions below:

What key facts or details does the CDC share about ADHD?

In addition to the facts, what impression does the CDC create about ADHD? In other words, how does it make readers feel or what does it make readers think about ADHD?

What would motivate the CDC, which is a government institution, to post a page about ADHD?

Why, in your view, is the Web page a good or bad method for the CDC to distribute information?

How do you think the average reader would react to the CDC’s page about ADHD?

(Hint: Do not try to summarize every detail. Focus on the main points the page is trying to convey. It is helpful to think of the CDC’s page in terms of its sections, rather than its many facts.)

During the week, read and respond to your classmates’ summaries. Did you emphasize the same points in your summary that they did? Did you have the same impression about ADHD after you summarized it? Why or why not?

Link to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s page on ADHD:

NOTE: If you click on the link and it will not open, paste the link into the browser.

DQ3 In the rhetorical analysis assignment, you will be expected to demonstrate an understanding that every text is created for a unique situation and audience. You will need to act on this by analyzing the decisions made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on their website about ADHD. This includes the persuasive appeals the CDC uses.

Aristotle believed that speakers and writers used three kinds of persuasive appeals. Logos is an appeal to the audience’s powers of reason or logic. Pathos is an appeal to emotions or senses. Ethos is the personal appeal, charisma, or credibility of the speaker or writer. These three appeals are known as the rhetorical triangle because all three sides work together to make a text effective or not.

In your own words, explain the concepts of pathos, logos, and ethos and why they are important appeals to recognize in a text. Next, use the CDC’s page about ADHD to analyze the ethos, logos, and pathos in the document.

Consider the following questions in your response:

What do you think about the logic presented in the document?

What do you think about its emotional appeal

What about its appeal to authority or credibility?

Does the CDC effectively present each of the rhetorical appeals? Why or why not?

Link to Centers of Disease Control’s website:

ENG105 English Composition

Week 2 Discussion

DQ1 Look again at the CDC’s Web page about ADHD.

In 150-200 words, please analyze the document’s purpose and audience. Who, for example, is the CDC’s audience? What are the CDC’s beliefs about ADHD, and how does the CDC’s Web page relate itself to those beliefs? Why would the federal government post a Web page about ADHD? What role does the general public expect the government to play regarding disorders such as ADHD?

During the week, go back and read some of your classmates’ posts. Do you agree with their views?

DQ2 Review the CDC website and answer at least three of the questions below:

Who is the writer?

What is the writer’s purpose?

Who is the intended audience?

What is the broader cultural context that motivated the writing of the article?

How does the writer establish ethos?

Does the writer appeal to logos (logic)?

Does the writer appeal to pathos (emotions)?

Do you feel that the website is effective? Why or why not?

Use these questions to guide the content of your rhetorical analysis.

During the week, review your classmates’ posts. What are some similarities and differences between your response and your peers’ responses?

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