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How may the addiction to pornography lead to illegal behavior? How has the Internet influenced the use of pornography? How could pornography be used to groom children in


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A Battle of Deviance: Session 2

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A Battle of Deviance: Session 2 Program Transcript [INDISTINCT VOICES]

FEMALE SPEAKER: I want to go back to something that Jeffrey said at our last meeting. We were talking about pornography. And Jeffrey, you said you use pornography often.

JEFFREY: Yeah. So what?

FEMALE SPEAKER: Well, the question I want to ask the group is whether you think the use of pornography contributes to any of the illegal behavior that's gotten you in trouble.

JEFFREY: All of my friends do it. Besides, if it's so bad, why is it so easily available? How about that?

FEMALE SPEAKER: Drugs are available, too, but that doesn't make it OK to do them, does it?

JEFFREY: Whatever. I don't think porn's got anything to do with me getting arrested.

ALAN: What do you do when you watch that stuff?

JEFFREY: None of your business.

ALAN: You masturbate, right? Yeah, and you get arrested for masturbating in public. You don't see a connection? They call it acting out.

JEFFREY: What are you, some kind of expert?

ALAN: I told you, I used to be a cop. I've seen and heard it all.

JEFFREY: Want to see my fist in your face?

FEMALE SPEAKER: OK, let's calm down. No one makes any threats here or I'll ask you to leave. John, you look like you have something to say.

JOHN: Yes. I want to ask Jeffrey. Do you have any girlfriends? Do you date at all?

JEFFREY: Not much. I could, but I'm always too busy. Why do you care?

A Battle of Deviance: Session 2

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JOHN: I'm just wondering if you using pornography might have something to do with that. I mean, maybe it could make it more difficult to have relationships, intimate ones.

FEMALE SPEAKER: I think that's a valid insight, John, worth considering.

JEFFREY: I think it's a joke.

FEMALE SPEAKER: Maybe not. Think about this. Say you're home watching pornography. Maybe you do it for an hour, maybe even a couple hours. That's time stolen from other things you could be doing.

JOHN: Like working, having a girlfriend.

FEMALE SPEAKER: Exactly. And there's research that shows that over time, pornography can even interfere with your ability to be sexually aroused without it. Have you ever experienced anything like that, Jeffrey?

JEFFREY: I don't have any idea what you're talking about.

MICHAEL: Leave the kid alone.

ALAN: You would be the one to defend him, the man with child porn on his computer.

MICHAEL: I'm not proud of it. But I agree with Jeffrey that everybody looks at it. Besides, once you start it's hard to stop, like smoking cigarettes.

FEMALE SPEAKER: The police said they found a lot of child pornography images on your computer, Michael. Why was it hard for you to stop?

MICHAEL: I really don't know. I used to ask myself that all the time. I just kept looking for different and more exciting images. It was never ending.

ALAN: And what did you do when you looked at the pictures?

MICHAEL: I just looked. Why am I being treated like a criminal about this? I didn't hurt the kids in those pictures.

ALAN: You masturbated, didn't you? Like Jeffrey here. That's how it works. I arrested a lot of guys like you over the years. And you may not have hurt the kids in those pictures directly, but guys like you are the reason they're exploited. You don't think that's hurting them? You deserve to be locked up for good.

FEMALE SPEAKER: That's enough, Alan. That kind of aggression isn't OK here.

A Battle of Deviance: Session 2

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MICHAEL: OK. OK. It's true. Is that what you all want to hear? I looked at the pictures and I masturbated, and I couldn't get enough of it. It made me want to keep finding new pictures and do it more and more. It was the only kind of sex I ever wanted.

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A Battle of Deviance: Session 5

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A Battle of Deviance: Session 5 Program Transcript [MUSIC PLAYING]

FEMALE SPEAKER: I guess today they call it a religious cult, a commune or something, but I didn't do anything about it. I thought everyone live that way. It was my family.

FEMALE SPEAKER: Did you go to a regular school?

FEMALE SPEAKER: No, I was home-schooled along with all the other kids. We weren't allowed to go outside the commune without permission, and they never gave it anyway.


FEMALE SPEAKER: The men. They were in charge. They took care of everything. We did whatever they told us.

FEMALE SPEAKER: Is that where the abuse started?

FEMALE SPEAKER: Yes. Of course, we didn't think about it like that. It wasn't abuse. It's just what it was.

FEMALE SPEAKER: What kind of abuse was it?

FEMALE SPEAKER: We got beaten a lot when we did something wrong or maybe to keep us from doing something wrong before we actually did it. And the abuse was sexual too. Again, I thought it was just normal.

FEMALE SPEAKER: And then things changed when they made me get married. His name was Bert. I think he was about 30, 40 years older than me. He beat me on our wedding night when he found out I wasn't a virgin.

FEMALE SPEAKER: How old were you when you married him?

FEMALE SPEAKER: 13. He took me away from the family, but the way he treated me it was still like being in the commune.

FEMALE SPEAKER: You mean the abuse?

FEMALE SPEAKER: He was the boss of everything. I got pregnant, but I guess he got tired of me, because we didn't stay together. We got divorced after I had my little boy. That's when I met Randy.

A Battle of Deviance: Session 5

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FEMALE SPEAKER: It's OK. Take your time. Would you like a tissue?

FEMALE SPEAKER: I married Randy and that was hard. It was like everything that was wrong in my life was happening all over again. He beat me, made me do things, said I was a slave and I better go along with it or it get bad for me.

FEMALE SPEAKER: What did he make you do, Sally?

FEMALE SPEAKER: He was into S&M. And I had to do whatever he wanted or he'd hurt me real bad.

FEMALE SPEAKER: And then you were arrested. Want to talk about how that happened?

FEMALE SPEAKER: Sure. Randy he could never get enough, you know, sexually. He was always wanting to try new things. And I had to go along whether I wanted to or not.

FEMALE SPEAKER: This one time he made me get into bed with my son. I think it was right around his 10th birthday. He made my son and I have sex while Randy watched. It was oral at first, and then it was everything.

FEMALE SPEAKER: Was this just the one time?

FEMALE SPEAKER: No. It happened a lot after that a couple of times a week. And Randy he started recording it with his camera and he'd watch the movies at night and whatever I said I wanted to stop, he threatened to show them to the cops if I ever told anyone what we were doing. It said I'd go to jail and my son will be taken away from me.

I was so confused. I don't know how things got so bad. I just wanted to die.

I would have killed myself, but I was too afraid, you know. I thought if I died, then Randy would have control over my boy. I couldn't let that happen. I guess getting arrested was a good thing, because it turned out to be the only way to get away from Randy.

FEMALE SPEAKER: What happened?

FEMALE SPEAKER: I don't know exactly. Someone must of heard or reported something, because the police showed up at her place one day. The next thing I know, the cops found the movies and everything that Randy was threatening came true.

I got arrested for child pornography and abuse of a minor, they said. And my son got taken from me. Damn Randy. He's to blame for all of this.

A Battle of Deviance: Session 5

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FEMALE SPEAKER: What about you, Sally? Do you feel any responsibility?

FEMALE SPEAKER: For what? Randy is the one who did it all to me and to my son. We are the victims here, and I'm the one who got arrested. Where's the justice in that? Where?


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A Battle of Deviance: Session 3

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A Battle of Deviance: Session 3 Program Transcript [MUSIC PLAYING]

MALE SPEAKER: I don't want to be here. I just don't want to be here. I can see–

MALE SPEAKER: Nothing changes.

JOHN: Dr. Chandler?

DR. CHANDLER: Yes, John?

JOHN: There is something I'd like us to talk about today.

DR. CHANDLER: Sure, what is it?

JOHN: It's about having to be on the sex offender registry. I know Michael can relate since we're both on it. It's– it's a real problem.


JOHN: I understand why it's the law that I have to be on it, but it's making it impossible for me to try to live a normal life. I mean, how do you explain to anybody that you're on it? When you tell anyone, they treat you like you've got the plague and you can't keep it a secret. They tell everybody who you are and what you did.

MICHAEL: I totally agree. Ever since I had to register, it's like I've been suffocating. People want nothing to do with you. I can't go anywhere I used to. I can't even walk my two dogs in the park. It's– it's like I've got sex offender tattooed in big red letters across my forehead.

DR. CHANDLER: Yes, Alan?

ALAN: They only have themselves to blame. It's to protect the children.

JOHN: I understand that, but I've still got a life to live, you know? My sister wanted me to move in with her after I got out of prison, but the registry wouldn't let me, because it's too close to a grade school.

MICHAEL: He's right and you can't move into any neighborhood without having to report it to the registry, and then they have to tell all your neighbors. You feel like you're being watched and hated all the time. Who can live like that?

A Battle of Deviance: Session 3

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DR. CHANDLER: So you're saying you understand that the registry is there to protect society, but that it's also taking away your civil rights?

JOHN: Exactly. Every day I'm working to prove that I'm not dangerous to anyone, but how can I do that when I'm constantly reminded that I don't deserve to live like anyone else?

MICHAEL: It's like it doesn't matter how hard we try, we'll always be treated like we're dangerous.

DR. CHANDLER: Where are you living now John, since you couldn't move in with your sister?

JOHN: Nowhere. The job at the animal shelter doesn't pay much, so I got a tent and I kind of move around and live wherever I won't bother anyone.

DR. CHANDLER: You're homeless then?

JOHN: Yes. I still have to report to the police every two weeks where I'm pitching my tent.

DR. CHANDLER: How about you Michael?

MICHAEL: At least I've still got my own home, but ever since I got out of prison, the sex offender registry makes it like I'm still walking around in my own private jail cell. How's that justice? I served my time. They've given me a sentence that feels like forever.


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A Battle of Deviance: Session 3

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A Battle of Deviance: Session 1

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A Battle of Deviance: Session 1 Program Transcript [MUSIC PLAYING]


DR. CHANDLER: OK, let's get started. Let's go around the room and introduce ourselves. I'm Dr. Chandler.

JEFFREY: I'm Jeffrey.

MICHAEL: Hi, I'm Michael.

JOHN: I'm John.

ALAN: And I'm Alan.

DR. CHANDLER: Good, welcome everybody. What I'd like to do today is have each of you talk a bit about your stories. What brings you here, the reason you were ordered to attend this group session? Jeffrey, why don't you go first?

JEFFREY: Really?

DR. CHANDLER: Go on, give it a try. You're 18, the youngest here. Tell the others why you were arrested.

JEFFREY: I didn't do anything wrong.

DR. CHANDLER: Yes, Michael, you have a question?

MICHAEL: Yes, for Jeffery. But you were arrested and convicted, what for?

JEFFREY: It was all lies. In court, all that evidence, they said I touched my half sister and my half cousin. What the hell do they know? They're just kids, only six and seven. Kids make stuff up. They should have been whipped for lying like that, beat good. I didn't do nothing to them.

MICHAEL: You're angry.

JEFFREY: You're damn right and mind your own business.

DR. CHANDLER: OK, Jeffrey settle down. Your aggression has gotten you into other trouble, hasn't it? Tell us about that.

A Battle of Deviance: Session 1

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JEFFREY: Yeah, I got kicked out of my high school, because I was always getting into fights. Now, they put me in some special school, you know, for bad kids. That's me, I guess, but I won every one of them fights and they had it coming.

DR. CHANDLER: Why do you say that?

JEFFREY: You know why. You read my file.

DR. CHANDLER: Tell the group.

JEFFREY: More lies, kids we're talking about things they heard happened at my home. I had to shut them up.

DR. CHANDLER: What were they saying?

JEFFREY: My mom– my mom, she told people I was exposing myself at home. She told me to stop and I went and started doing it outside the apartment, masturbating. I mean, that's what she said. Like I would do that.

DR. CHANDLER: There must have been other reports of you exposing yourself and masturbating, not just at home. What about that?

JEFFREY: What about it? Like it's any of your business.

DR. CHANDLER: Who lives at home with you Jeffrey?

JEFFREY: My mom, my stepfather, half brother, half sister.

DR. CHANDLER: What about your dad? Do you have any contact with him?

JEFFREY: I want to, but no. My mom, she won't let me.

DR. CHANDLER: Michael, what about you? Tell us what brought you here.

MICHAEL: What brings me here, the best intentions I'm afraid. I wanted to help a young man who was having a hard time and certain allegations were made against me that were completely false and they proved to be quite damaging. My reputation has been smeared.

DR. CHANDLER: And this young man, he was actually a 13-year-old boy, right?

MICHAEL: Yes, I met him through an organization I volunteer for. I was assigned to him as his mentor. He's a fine young man. I haven't seen him since I got arrested.

A Battle of Deviance: Session 1

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DR. CHANDLER: Tell us about that.

MICHAEL: He didn't have a father figure in his life. Neither did I growing up and I thought I could help him deal with that. We got to be quite close. He needed me and I well, I suppose I needed him too. We shared a very close and special connection. I never intended for anything inappropriate to happen. The police said I'd been leading him, befriending him. They said I was doing it all for the purpose of grooming him for sex later on, but it wasn't that way at all, I swear. I don't care about those kinds of things.

DR. CHANDLER: What things?

MICHAEL: The things they said about me in court, what they found on my computer.

DR. CHANDLER: Tell the group about that.

MICHAEL: After they arrested me, they came to my home and found some things on my computer, pictures of children, pornography.

JEFFREY: Some, I bet.

MICHAEL: I don't care what you think Jeffrey. I swear, I didn't realize how many pictures there were. I had a lot. I guess I just– I just like thinking about them, the boys.

DR. CHANDLER: How do you think about them Michael? Do you fantasize about them sexually? Is that what you mean?

MICHAEL: No, absolutely not. I'm not like that. I don't know.

DR. CHANDLER: How were things for you growing up, Michael? Did anything like this ever happen to you when you were a boy?

MICHAEL: No, I don't want to think about all that. Things are so hard for me right now. Thank god I've still got a job. I'm an account manager and my boss kept me on, even after I got arrested. I had to register as a sex offender. You have no idea what that means. I live with my mom. I've always lived with her and she's so ashamed. Everyone knows about me. I can't volunteer any more. They won't let me. I'm not even allowed to go for a walk in the park with my dogs, swim in a public pool. It's like I've got the plague and I did nothing wrong, really. It wasn't dirty, what I did. I love that boy.

JOHN: Can I go next doc?

DR. CHANDLER: Sure John, go ahead.

A Battle of Deviance: Session 1

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JOHN: I guess I should tell you all something about myself. I grew up in a pretty normal family, middle class, went to college, got a masters in counseling, and started working with men and women dealing with substance abuse. I had a very successful practice.

DR. CHANDLER: John, before you get into all that, can you say a bit more about what it was like for you growing up? How would you describe yourself as a boy?

JOHN: Well, I guess some would have called me a nerd. I was pretty awkward, a bit overweight, but I was also quite smart and the other kids were obviously jealous of me.

DR. CHANDLER: How was your relationship with your father?

JOHN: Ah, the old man. Well, he really wanted me to have girlfriends so he made sure I always looked good, had the best clothes. I'll give him that, but I had a lot of trouble with the whole dating thing and he never forgave me for that. Truth was I liked boys more than girls, but my father would have killed himself before accepting that bit of news so I just kept that part of me secret.

DR. CHANDLER: Did you have any relationships when you were a teen with either a boy or a girl?

JOHN: No, I just hid from that part of my life, like I was afraid of it or something. I didn't have an intimate relationship with anyone until I was in my mid-30s.

JEFFREY: You missed the boat man. How did you keep from going crazy?

JOHN: I don't know. I guess I tried not thinking about it. I focused on school, and then on my job. As I said, I was exceptional in that regard.

MICHAEL: So what are you doing here? You must have gotten in some kind of trouble.

DR. CHANDLER: Tell us about that, John.

JOHN: There were these two boys, they were both 13 and they lived down the block from me and we– we started hanging out together and this one day we were in the park and I don't know. One of the boys and I, we just started making out right there on the bench, like we were kids, and then I got arrested. I told the cops all about it.

DR. CHANDLER: All about what?

A Battle of Deviance: Session 1

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JOHN: The boys and I, that kissing in the park wasn't the first time I'd done that. We'd been playing what I called a snuggle game in my home. I called it a game, but it was much more than that.

DR. CHANDLER: You mean you molested them?

JOHN: Yes. I lost my license to practice counseling and I got four months in jail. My family kept in touch, did what they could, but my father stopped speaking to me, his loss, and when I got out on probation, I had to get on that damn sex offender registry, just like you Michael. Since then, my life's just been hell.

MICHAEL: Tell me about it.

JOHN: The only work I've been able to get is at an animal shelter.

DR. CHANDLER: And how's that going for you?

JOHN: It was going fine, really good, until this past Christmas.

DR. CHANDLER: Want to tell the others what happened?

JOHN: Yeah, the shelter had a Christmas party and they invited some children. I was just trying to have some fun, so I dressed as Santa to surprise the kids and I got arrested all over again.

MICHAEL: How stupid can you get? Of course you got arrested. That's a violation of the registry. They make it very clear that you're not allowed to be around–

JOHN: I thought I could do it. If I didn't, there wouldn't have been a Santa.

JEFFREY: You got to be kidding me. You knew what you were doing. You just won't admit it.

JOHN: I didn't do anything wrong.

DR. CHANDLER: OK, Alan, how about you tell us about yourself?

ALAN: I'm a retired police officer. Like Michael, I live with my mom, always have, never been married.

DR. CHANDLER: So what brings you to our group session?

ALAN: This is where you try to build a case against me, isn't it?

A Battle of Deviance: Session 1

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DR. CHANDLER: No one's building a case, Alan. I just asked you a question about what brings you here.

ALAN: I'm here, but I shouldn't be. I didn't do anything wrong.

DR. CHANDLER: Tell the others what happened.

ALAN: Like I said, I didn't do anything wrong. If you were a cop, you read the file, you'd know that. This is all a set up.

JEFFREY: Who's trying to set you up?

ALAN: Take your pick. Everyone's always out to get a cop in trouble. The system always makes it harder against the cop. They want to make me an example. If any of you were a cop, you'd understand what I'm talking about.

DR. CHANDLER: So to get us back on track, Alan, what exactly happened?

ALAN: OK, what happened was, I'm in a bowling league. I like to bowl and there was a couple on our team, a husband and wife. They had a daughter named Julie. She was 16. Her parents were worried about her, told me she was always getting into trouble. They thought maybe she was hanging out with a bad crowd, doing drugs. They were pretty stressed. They found out I used to be a cop and asked if maybe I could talk to her, find out what was going on. So they had me over for dinner one night and right off, things were pretty easy between Julie and I. She's a quiet girl, but she talked to me.

DR. CHANDLER: Did you see her again?

ALAN: Yes, her folks were so happy she and I hit it off. I offered to take her under my wing, so to speak, give her someone to talk to, offer her advice. So we started seeing each other now and then. I'd meet her after school on Fridays at this diner and we'd text each other. It started as now and then, and then a lot.

JEFFREY: Oh man, I know where this is going.

ALAN: No you don't.

JEFFREY: Yeah, I do, dirty old man territory.

ALAN: You don't know anything.

DR. CHANDLER: Alan, just share with us how it was.

A Battle of Deviance: Session 1

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ALAN: I fell in love with her. She was 16, but so much older. She really understood me. She loved me too. We started meeting at my place when my mom wasn't around.

JEFFREY: Man, that's not love. That's called rape.

ALAN: Shut your dirty mouth.

DR. CHANDLER: All right everyone, take it easy. We don't attack each other here. We show respect, understood? Then what happened?

ALAN: If you ask me, her parents set me up. Next thing I know, the cops show up, guys I used to work with, and they catch us in bed. I get carted off and that's the last I ever see or hear from her.

JEFFREY: You've lost it man. You're old enough to be her father.

ALAN: Age is just a number kid. To hell with what the law says. I didn't do anything wrong. You can't stop two people from loving each other.


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A Battle of Deviance: Session 1

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A Battle of Deviance: Session 1

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GettyLicense_80114892 (Children sitting on Santa's knees) Credit: Spike Mafford/ UpperCut Images / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images ACFG3A-017_Fixed (Jeffrey Speaks) TC: 15:54:37:00 Credit: Laureate Education, Inc. ACFG3A-019_Fixed (WS – Therapist) TC: 16:24:56 Credit: Laureate Education, Inc. ACFG3A-004_Fixed (MS – Alan) TC: 15:11:57:14 Credit: Laureate Education, Inc. ACFG3A-003_Fixed (MS – Alan Speaks) TC: 15:03:46:14 Credit: Laureate Education, Inc. GettyLicense_562899209 (Rear View Of Man In Bowling Alley) Credit: Sasha Sunden / EyeEm/ EyeEm/ Getty Images GettyLicense_570403077 (Bowling Ball Knocking Over Skittles) Credit: Nor Hidayat Mohamed / EyeEm / EyeEm/ Getty Images ACFG3A-003_Fixed (MS – Alan) TC: 15:03:13:17 Credit: Laureate Education, Inc. GettyLicense_486331997 (Teen Problems/ Sad girl) Credit: filadendron / iStock / Getty Images Plus/ Getty Images GettyLicense_486164935 (Teen Problems/ Sad girl) Credit: filadendron / iStock / Getty Images Plus/ Getty Images ACFG3A-019_Fixed (WS – Alan) TC: 16:25:00 Credit: Laureate Education, Inc. ACFG3A-003_Fixed (CU – Alan Speaks) TC: 15:03:11 Credit: Laureate Education, Inc. ACFG3A-007_Fixed (Jeffrey) TC: 15:25:56:08 Credit: Laureate Education, Inc.


A Battle of Deviance: Session 4

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A Battle of Deviance: Session 4 Program Transcript FEMALE SPEAKER: Alan, you're a retired police offi

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