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***Note: cell type is bacterial

Cells and Microscopy Lab

The purpose of the lab is to familiarize you with different types of cells, the tools necessary to visualize the cells and the relative size of these cells.

Please refer to the chapter in your text on cells. You will need to know the different cell types, organelles, and functions of organelles.

In this lab, you will use a virtual microscope to visualize prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells. You will begin with a 7 minute video to introduce you to the microscope: Virtual Microscope video (

Then, you will test your skills on the virtual scope: Virtual Microscope Lab (

Lastly, you will visualize cell size & scale while identifying cell components. Cell size and scale simulation (

Laboratory Outline:

In this lab, you will do the following:

· Learn the proper usage of a compound light microscope

· Practice using a virtual microscope

· Visualize different cells and their relative sizes (millimeters to picometers)

· Answer questions pertaining to these activities and the concept of cells

You will complete the following questions as you progress through the lab components. Some questions will require a screen shot of the image after you have achieved locating it at the proper magnification. Please “google” your computer for specifics on performing a screen shot. Some computers use “FN” and “PrntScm,” while others use “Ctrl” and “PrtScr” then pasting into your document.

Answer each question in another color font (do not highlight your answers). Save your document as a .doc or .docx file and upload into ecampus for grading.

1. What are the four objective lens magnifications?

2. Take a screen shot of the “e” slide using 4x magnification with the horizontal bar of the e being in the center of the field of view. All items on the “At View Checklist” must be checked and included in the screen shot image.

3. Describe what the “e” looks like under this magnification.

4. Take a screen shot of the onion slide showing plant cell metaphase near the center of the field of view in good focus using 40x magnification. All items on the “At View Checklist” must be checked except scanning (4x) lens in place. (Refer to your textbook if you are unfamiliar with what metaphase for plant cells looks like).

5. Is the cell in question 4 a prokaryotic or eukaryotic cell? How do you know?

6. Take a screen shot of the cheek cell slide showing cells near the center of the field of view in good focus using 40x magnification. All items on the “At View Checklist” must be checked except scanning (4x) lens in place.

7. What is the dark blue spot in the center of the cell? What is its function?

8. Take a screen shot of the bacterial capsule slide showing the cells near the center of the field of view in good focus using 100x magnification. All items on the “At View Checklist” must be checked except scanning (4x) lens in place.

9. What is a bacterial capsule? What type of cell is a bacterial cell?

10. Complete the following chart using the cell size and scale website.


Function or Description

Prokaryotic, Eukaryotic, or N/A

Type of Cell or Cell Part***

Size and unit^

Amoeba proteus

500 µm

Paramecium sp.

Skin cell

human egg

phtotreceptor (rod)

red blood cell

baker’s yeast

X chromosome

E. coli


hepatitus virus



water molecule


carbon atom


***Note: cell type is bacterial, fungal, protist, animal or plant. Part refers to the type of cell(s) you find the part located in.

^use “insert symbol” for microns (µ)

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