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Pick 3 interesting entities for self-driving cars and draw an ER model. Do not use customers and sales as entities but rather the technology they use

Pick 3 interesting entities for self-driving cars and draw an ER model. Do not use customers and sales as entities but rather the technology they use. Provide domain specific attributes that are needed by the company as part of its data in order to conduct its business. Have two different types of relationships (1:1, 1:N, M:N). 

I attached my project; the only thing I need to be done is question #4 which is the question right above this


Final Project



The goal? “For shared, autonomous, electric vehicle services to become widespread across Europe such that lives are saved, congestion is drastically reduced, journey times are cut, the air is cleaner, citizens save money and time and anyone can access it,” says CEO Stan Boland. His company has raised nearly $30 million (£24 million), and has offices in London, Edinburgh, Oxford and Bristol. “In short, we want to use the power of autonomy to transform Europe’s cities.”

Step 1a: FiveAI is an innovative company that is reaching to provide individuals with clean and safe transportation. The technology they are using in their startup involves reducing traffic and parking in urban environments using automated shared electric vehicles.

Step 1b: Waymo is another automated self driving transportation company that provides transportation services to individuals and commercial goods. They operate based on data from millions of miles driven in numerous conditions along with billions of miles in simulation. They create detailed customs maps that use real-time sensor data instead of relying on GPS.

Step 2:

1. The technological solution we picked is an electric self driving car network for shared transport for communities in urban environments. The benefit if this service is through AI technology advancement the roads will be a safer and cleaner place. They are working to create a software platform for businesses to use for automating their industry. The name of the company providing this solution is FiveAI. The link to their website is:

2. Data sources used by FiveAI include information gathered from cameras, RADAR, LIDAR, IMU, and GPS. They use machine learning to create algorithms that make Autonomous Driving Systems (ADS) safe and capable of operating with uncertain conditions present. An additional opportunity for analytics that FiveAI can use would be to gather information about the public’s perception about what they are trying to achieve.

3. The AI recognized within this technological solution would have to be the communication between the car and the road. Just like the driver and the road and all of its signs to obey by. The recognition of these signs using algorithms, radars, lidar, and GPS makes the communication between the car and road just as effective as human communication. This is the AI that contributed to this. Although I would recommend including driving conditions within certain areas to help the self driving mimic real life scenarios that tend to be the same. For instance more cautious driving conditions within areas that have high foot traffic.


Analyze the Business Environment and Describe the Company of Step 1b :

5. The company we chose for step 1b was Waymo. They are another company invested in the automation of the delivery and transport industry. They introduced a line of self driving taxi vans here in California as well as Arizona.


7. Existing substitutes that people may use are Uber, Lyft, and taxis. It may not be self-driving like Waymo but the sense of being dropped off directly where you are trying to go.

8. The threat of substitute services is high since plenty of people are aware of Uber, Lyft, and Taxis. There may be a comfortability issue that may come into place. People may want an actual person to drive them. To have the comfort of knowing an actual person is driving them to their destination.

9. I would say that the strategy Waymo is using for their business is to appeal to their customers by offering a private and safe ride alternative with no distractions. The appeal to this service is the lack of human interaction and potentially awkward encounters with a stranger at the wheel. Each ride will offer a quiet environment for customers to commute in while being free to act as they please.

Use of Technology of Step 1a in a Company of Step 1b:


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