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Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) and Monte Carlo Analyses Refer to the activities defined in the Unit II Assignment, and complete the following tasks. Crea

Two part assignment all requirements are listed. Information from assignment one should be used to complete both parts of the assignment. 

Part One

Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) and Monte Carlo Analyses

Refer to the activities defined in the Unit II Assignment, and complete the following tasks.

1. Create a table of the activities, and identify logical relationships by identifying predecessors.

2. Estimate activity durations using three-point estimates.

3. Create a PERT schedule, and identify the project critical path.

4. Using the breakfast schedule spreadsheet as a guide (along with the Monte Carlo simulation supplement in Chapter 7

of the textbook), model your schedule using Monte Carlo analysis (10 trial runs minimum).

To assist as you create your assignment, watch the Backward Pass Simulation video.

Also watch the Forward Pass Simulation video.

A transcript and closed captioning are available once you access the videos.

Submit your PERT and Monte Carlo analyses for grading along with a one-page written summary of the results and a brief discussion of how the results could be used to inform a project schedule risk plan. APA Style and outside sources are not a requirement for this assignment.

Part Two

Course Project Progress Monitoring: Return to MobileGo

The MobileGo project is making progress implementing the new systems. However, the software upgrades and the new software installation are not complete. The project sponsor has requested an update on the project. Using the MobileGoEarned Value scenario spreadsheet, complete the following tasks.

1. Complete earned value metrics for each line item of the project.

2. Use the metrics to create indexes for cost and schedule.

3. Explain what the metrics mean in terms of the overall health of the project.

4. Project where the project will end in terms of budget and schedule. What potential risks and trade-offs do you see?

5. Explain any recommendations you have for improving the project schedule, budget, or both.

Prepare a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation that you can give to the project sponsor that explains your calculations, predictions, and recommendations. Remember that you are giving this information to the project sponsor, so consider what he or she would need to know as you draft your presentation.

Use at least one outside source to support your recommendations for improvement. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment.

You must either use speaker notes. Be sure to elaborate in your speaker notes or audio; do not simply repeat the text from your slides.

Please submit your calculation and presentation for grading.


The Course Project Scenario

As online retailers are supplanting brick-and-mortar stores, it is evident that call centers are becoming increasingly vital in today's industry. As a business, MobileGo knows the importance of having a practical workstation to satisfy market needs. Moving the call center out of the city center to a newly secured out-of-town office space is a brilliant concept that will boost employee performance and make it easier for interested parties to visit the company's offices with less congestion, but this must be done quickly and at a cheap cost. Ultimately, the goal of this company is to ensure that the transfer is completed rapidly and at the lowest potential cost conceivable.

Because the corporation does not want the move to impact productivity, the relocation will primarily utilize internal resources and equipment, with only a few third parties involved. As a result, expenditures will be reduced, and the quality of the job produced will improve, as employees will take greater ownership of the facility. Therefore, they will try to build a high-quality outcome for their assignments. The project's objective is to move the call center from its current location in the town center to newly acquired out-of-town office space.

Client requirements

The main objective for client requirements is to relocate the call center to a new location at the lowest possible cost. Relocation is never easy, though moving to a new office space can go smoothly if sufficient preparation is performed ahead of time (Delisle, 2019). Details regarding the relocation process are disseminated to all workers responsible for tasks. Once all necessary equipment has been verified for each job, the number of employees needed to complete the move will be decided. Each position requiring workers will be informed of the relocation so that they may plan accordingly (Müller et al., 2019).

An additional client requirement is required for adequately installing a high-capacity Wi-Fi connection and capabilities in the new facility. Assuring Wi-Fi connectivity will include assembling the appropriate tools, workforce, and cabling designs. Workstation upgrades of network capabilities will consist of the configuration of the new station to support wireless connections. The number of employees, devices used, security, and speed will be crucial considerations for this requirement to be addressed. The final client requirement will involve converting an existing proprietary software business with a client relationship management program to a new business platform to address the increasing consumer needs.

The Work Breakdown Structure

The Work Breakdown Structure will cover all the required deliverables and identify the activities (tasks) required to produce each project deliverable.

1. Relocation Project Deliverables

1.1 Relocating current call center stations to a more extensive, better facility

1.1.1. Removing all equipment from the old location.

1.1.2. Transferring the new equipment to the new facility.

1.1.3. The relocation manager will oversee the accomplishment of this deliverable

1.2. Installing and evaluating a high-speed, high-capacity Wi-Fi connection

1.2.1. Connecting the workstations to the internet.

1.2.2. External IT consultants and workstation managers will oversee the achievement of this deliverable.

1.3. Upgrading workstations with Wi-Fi capabilities

1.3.1. Setting up internet connectivity on workstations

1.3.2. External IT consultants will oversee the achievement of this deliverable.

1.4. Developing a new call center management system

1.4.1. Ensuring establishment of a call center system for handling incoming calls.

1.4.2. External IT consultants will oversee the achievement of this deliverable.

1.5. Conversion of an existing proprietary software business with a client relationship management program to a new business platform 1.5.1

1.5.2. Getting rid of the outdated system and replacing it with a modern one to better meet the needs of the business.

1.5.2. The business systems manager and implementation team will be in charge of accomplishing this deliverable, which will take approximately one day.

Activities (Tasks)

The relocation of all present call center stations to a bigger space will necessitate the selection of personnel to carry out the work, and remove the old facility's equipment, packing, and transporting activities. Installation and evaluation of Wi-Fi capacities will necessitate reconnecting computer devices to the internet. The upgrading of the workstations deliverable will involve the configuration of call center management systems. Installing new software for call center operations will require selecting and configuring programs to monitor calls. Converting an outdated proprietary company system with a client relationship management (CRM) software program to new systems will require deleting old systems and installing new applications in the new location to meet modern corporate needs.

Activities such as configuring call center management systems, selecting and configuring programs to monitor calls, and reconnecting computer devices to the internet will require the same resources to be carried out in parallel. These activities need the assistance of third-party IT consultants to guarantee that the network connectivity in the new facility is up to standard. This may pose a challenge, but with effective management and careful planning, the obstacles may be navigated, and success can be accomplished.


Project Management Institute (2013). A Guide to the project management body of knowledge (5th Ed.). Project Management Institute, Inc.

Delisle, J. (2019). Uncovering temporal underpinnings of project management standards. International Journal of Project Management, 37(8), 968-978.

Project Management Institute (2013). A Guide to the project management body of knowledge (5th Ed.). Project Management Institute, Inc.

Müller, R., Drouin, N., & Sankaran, S. (2019). Modeling Organizational Project Management. Project Management Journal50(4), 499-513.

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