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Reflective Portfolio Creative Leadership & Problem Solving

Reflective Portfolio

Creative Leadership & Problem Solving


This assignment provides the opportunity to curate, revise, reflect upon 2 of the online exercises you’ve completed to date. The online exercises were designed to help you learn the lesson content, particularly key ideas introduced in the theoretical readings. In contrast, the portfolio shifts the focus to critical evaluation and individualization:

Why are creative leadership theories and practices important to your industry?

How might you adapt and transfer course knowledge to your area of practice?

What did you learn and why is it valuable?

Contract Grading

The Reflective Portfolio is a major deliverable for the Reflective and Creative streams; if you elected the Application stream you are not required to complete this assignment. Importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to revise and resubmit the Reflective Portfolio near the end of the semester.


Please organize your portfolio using these three sections: Curation & Reflection, Works Cited, and Academic Integrity. Instructions for each section are included below.

1. Curation & Reflection


Select 2 of the following online exercises:

1. “Super Villains” or “Superheroes”

2. “Get Motivated”

3. “I Don’t Know, I Need Help”

4. “Intelligent Failure.”

Select items that showcase key learnings, accomplishments, or failures. Portfolios are intended to showcase your best work and associated skills, and also demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning and a growth mindset by responding to idea that just didn’t work out.

To integrate online exercises, simply copy text/pictures from relevant discussion thread and paste them into a Word document. Consider using distinct sections for each online exercise. Also, you may revise the online exercises by expanding upon ideas or editing.


After each online exercise you curate, reflect upon a key learning gained through experience. The primary purpose of the reflections is to make your key insights/learnings explicit and to identify why they are valuable. Approach each reflection as a mini-report that shares the key idea and provides enough context for someone else to appreciate it. Use grammatically complete sentences and paragraph structure.

You are required to briefly quote or paraphrase at least 2 theoretical readings from 2 different weeks/units. Use MLA style and try to keep the quotes as short as possible; avoid quotes longer than 2 sentences unless absolutely necessary. For your convenience, here’s a list of weekly readings:

1. “Creativity & the Role of the Leader.”

2. “Leadership Theories and Styles: A Literature Review”

3. “Nimble Leadership: Walking the Line Between Creativity & Chaos.”

4. “How to Kill Creativity” and/or “Componential Theory of Creativity”

5. “Getting Serious About Diversity: Enough Already with the Business Case” or “Making Differences Matter: A New Paradigm for Managing Diversity” or “Why Innovation Needs More Diversity.”

6. “Failing by Design” or “The Failure-Tolerant Leader” or “Failing Forward: Real Options Reasoning and Entrepreneurial Failure.”

2. Works Cited

Integrate a Works Cited that follows MLA guidelines.

3. Academic Integrity

Prior to finalizing your submission, please upload a copy to the “TurnItIn Self-Check Folder” to generate an originality report. Use the report to review and edit your work prior to finalizing the submission.

Include a copy of your TurnItIn “Originality Report” and a signed copy of the “Academic Integrity Checklist” when you submit the final version of the portfolio. If possible, please try to integrate all files into a single .pdf file.


Please submit the final version of portfolio as a .pdf to the appropriate dropbox on SLATE. You may download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat via Sheridan’s Adobe Creative Cloud service.


1. Did the submission curate 2 online exercises as outlined in the assignment instructions?

2. Did the reflections use MLA to quote and/or paraphrase at least 2 articles from 2 different week/units?

3. Did the submission include a Works Cited formatted using MLA style?

4. Did the submission include the “Originality Report” and a signed copy of the “Academic Integrity Checklist?”

5. Was the Portfolio exported and submitted as a .pdf ?

Assessment Criteria

The Reflective Portfolio will primarily be assessed via depth of reflection, completion, and professionalism. Detailed descriptions of each level of achievement are incorporated into the rubric which is attached to this Assignment Folder (it is usually displayed in the bottom-right corner).

Depth of Reflection

This is the most important criteria and it assess the value provided by reflecting upon your learnings. It is relatively easy to identify what you learned, our goal is to explain why those learnings are important to you and your industry. It asks, how much did the author benefit from the reflections?


This criteria assesses the degree to which the submission met the assignment’s guidelines, such as integrating 2 online exercises, quoting/paraphrasing 2 articles from 2 different weeks, and including the signed Academic Integrity Checklist. It asks, did the submission follow all key criteria?


This criteria assesses the application of MLA style, copy editing, grammar, and structure. It asks, is the content being presented in a clear and professional manner?


Late Policy

Late submissions will receive a 0% deduction per business day and will not receive written comments; after 5 business days have passed a grade of 0% will be awarded.

Academic Integrity

The principle of academic integrity requires that all work submitted for evaluation and course credit be the original, unassisted work of the student. Cheating or plagiarism including borrowing, copying, purchasing or collaborating on work, except for group projects arranged and approved by the professor, or otherwise submitting work that is not the student’s own, violates this principle and will not be tolerated. Students who have any questions regarding whether or not specific circumstances involve a breach of academic integrity are advised to review the Academic Integrity Policy and procedure and/or discuss them with the professor.


Sheridan is committed to Academic Integrity. In this course the professor has chosen to require students to use Turnitin to check their own written work to ensure originality.

· By taking this course students agree that they will submit written work for this course to Turnitin for text comparison.

· Students will have the opportunity to review their initial work and correct any issues identified by Turnitin prior to submitting their final work.

· Students will include the final Originality Report as a part of the written work submission.

· Students are encouraged to discuss the Originality Report at any time with their faculty member.

· Assignments submitted to Turnitin will be included as source documents in’s restricted access database, solely for the purpose of detecting text copying




Designed by Dr. Brandon McFarlane 2021

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