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TECHNICAL INSTRUCTIONS: At the top of your essay — please indicate which image set you’ve


At the top of your essay — please indicate which image set you’ve chosen to answer, by titling your essay either “ESSAY – OPTION ONE” or “ESSAY – OPTION TWO,” ESSAY – OPTION THREE” or ESSAY – OPTION FOUR.”

All essays must be 1000-1500 words, double-spaced, 12-point font, and have 1” margins all the way around (this will produce approximately 2-3 full pages of text).

You must save your essay in either .pdf or .doc format, and you must submit your assignment via Canvas no later than 11.59 pm on Sunday 3 May 2020.

PLEASE NOTE – NO emailed assignments will be accepted and NO late assignments will be accepted. All final projects must be submitted via Canvas by the deadline.


The essay covers materials and topics addressed in weeks 9-13

  • Art, Religion and Race in Colonial Latin America
  • Aesthetics of Nature and Power in Asia
  • Art of Pacific Cultures and New Global Cartographies
  • Art of Africa in the Modern Era
  • Ideals of Enlightenment and the Horrors of War

The modern era is characterized by the significant impact of new encounters between Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas and the Pacific. Choose one of provided image pairings and write a 1000-1500 word compare and contrast essay examining how this encounter either impacted traditions of art and material culture or how the represented cultures used art and material culture in addressing or alternatively disregarding this encounter.


Consider what each object can teach you about the role art and material culture played in the spiritual or religious life of the culture that produced it. For instance, ask: 

  • How does this work formally represent (make visible) certain religious, spiritual, scientific or civic ideas? 
  • How was the work used in this culture’s spiritual, religious, scientific or civic practice?

As in the past, produce a Venn diagram (Links to an external site.) that charts the similarities and differences between the way these two objects represent certain religious or spiritual ideas +/or were used in certain religious or spiritual rituals or acts.


Your essay should be informed by the relevant cultural, political and religious histories presented in the course readings and videos and should have a clear argument, which focuses on 1 or 2 key differences (or similarities) illustrated via the objects from the pairings. NOTE: Your Venn Diagram will help you organize your essay, and to focus on specific concrete details.


REVIEW COMPARE AND CONTRAST: For additional support on how to write a compare and contrast essay, see this resource (Links to an external site.).

SUPPORT YOUR CLAIMS: Please note that while your essay might require some conjecture on your behalf, be sure to qualify/substantiate any and all of the claims that you make in your essay by using things learned in the textbook, course lectures/videos, or whatever additional, scholarly sources (Links to an external site.) you deem as necessary.  

Remember: Wikipedia and other online resources will NOT count as an appropriate/ scholarly sources. Even if you start there, you can’t end your inquiries with Wikipedia. Please use books or peer-reviewed academic articles (Links to an external site.), if you want to consult supplemental sources. The suggested readings on Canvas might also prove useful to you.

CITE TO AVOID PLAGIARISM: Please, also, be sure to properly cite (Links to an external site.) any sources that lend themselves to your essay + to include a bibliography on a separate page after your essay. 


Himeji Castle (week 10)

The Death of General Wolfe (week 13)

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