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The sports organizations have to be aligned with the cultural norms and values. They have to face the community and act as a role model for the public. After the gambling


Submit your report and press release. It should be a complete, polished artifact containing all of the critical elements of the final project. It should reflect the incorporation of feedback gained throughout the course.

For additional details, please refer to the Final Project Document.

Guidelines for Submission: Your report and accompanying press release should be 8 to 10 pages using Microsoft Word, double-spaced with one-inch margins, use 12-point Times New Roman font, and the latest edition of APA formatting.  

Johnathon Blake Davis

6-1 Milestone Three: Compose the Organization’s Response

SPT 510

Professor Ledford

July 16, 2022

6-1 Milestone Three: Compose the Organization’s Response

The sports organizations have to be aligned with the cultural norms and values. They have to face the community and act as a role model for the public. After the gambling act, the situation was bad for the organization. It responded to the societal pressure positively and took several measures to overcome the issues. Society and the baseball fans were over the rage on the incident and demanded the organization take action. The rules and regulations were changed for the players because the organization earned huge fame and the single incident was a dark spot on the organisation's name (History, 2022).

The management team was changed and was asked to keep the monitoring procedures high of the team. Undoubtedly, the organization was already working hard, but the players were warned of the incident. It was asked that the situation deteriorate further if the players were not checked strictly. The players will also be given certain training on how the thefts like gambling can be avoided. The acts like gambling cannot be compromised, and it is better to act against them. The team further made certain measures to meet the expectations of people.


(Swinton, 2020) published a new where the MLB responded against Pete Rose. The organization has earned a famous reputation since 1986. It was a massive jerk to the organization that the players were involved in such incidents. The news by Swinton and many other news agencies show that the organization has responded effectively against the scandal. The investigation against the incident was started and was on a high level. It was ensured that players like Rose had no place in the organization. The monitoring and investigation were done against the other players to ensure they were not involved in such a scandal. The management became strict of a sudden to protect the reputation. The investigation permanently banned Rose because the organization did not support immoral acts. He was not allowed to play throughout his life. The effectiveness of the response can be evident from the fact that the organization upgraded all the rules and regulations of the team. The situation changed after an incident because the organization knew the craze of fans for the game. The fans' craze and passion also demand morals and ethics (Normandin, 2018).

Laws and Policies

The organization took action against Rose according to Rule 21 of the NBA. According to sub-section six, no player is allowed to bet or gamble in the game. The players can bet on other sports, but betting on the same sports can never be considered normal. If any player is found doing such illegal acts, he will be investigated and punished accordingly. The players should ensure that they refrain from all immoral actions. It is essential to align with the rules of the basketball federation (NBA, 2022).


All sports or other organizations should strengthen the internal and external systems to avoid such systems. It is recommended that the monitoring of players should never be relaxed because gambling and other acts can occur at any time. The players should be trained to support the organization as loyal and sincere entities. The organization needs to keep a check on the players at regular intervals. These recommendations are better for the future and may warn the players against such acts. The organization can also save its reputation and fame in the years ahead.

References History. (2022). MLB commissioner suspends players in a drug scandal. Retrieved from NBA. (2022). Misconduct Rule 21. Retrieved from Normandin, M. (2018). The past, present, and future of MLB collusion. Retrieved from Swinton, E. (2020). This Day in Sports History: MLB Announces Investigation of Pete Rose. Retrieved from


Johnathon Blake Davis

4-1 Milestone Two: Examine the Impact

SPT 510

Professor Ledford

July 3, 2022

4-1 Milestone Two: Examine the Impact

Pete Rose, a famous baseball player in Major League Baseball, was involved in gambling, resulting in his permanent ban from the sport. In 1989, Pete Rose's gambling on Redd's games was revealed, and it took fourteen years of investigation. During fourteen years, the MLB spent millions on court proceedings, law hirings and other procedures to find the truth and punish the actual criminal. Rose denied his involvement in gambling for fourteen years, but suddenly he confessed, and the case was ended by punishing Rose. The economic impact was more significant, along with the challenges to MLB's public image and reputation. Pete Rose committed the gambling of $ 5 billion on his baseball team, which didn't bring him much but regret and continuous losses. MLB spent millions on the training of participants, and the organization's role is no minimum when it comes to the role of Pete Rose as a player. But the player's gambling act negatively impacts the organization's spending on the training and well-being of its players (Ozanian, 2015). MLB lost most of its contracts with significant sports companies at that time. The company faced the economic ramifications of gambling because of a wrong act by one of its athletes.

Numerous factors determine the event's economic impact, such as the organization's loss of fame and fanbase. Pete Rose was a career leader, and the majority of society was impressed by his performance in the field. Involvement in gambling and the decision of permanent ban from participation in baseball negatively impacts the fanbase of MLB. Most people favor Rose's regret and think his apology should be accepted. But the opposite decision by professionals at MLB negatively impacts the audience's expectations and their participation in sports offered by Major League Baseball, leading to lower economic gain and losing market position (Nightengale, 2022).

Gambling has been alive in baseball culture for a long. In the history of MLB, numerous players committed gambling, but the officials' decision was hard on Pete Rose. Baseball is meaningful in American culture, and the place of Pete Rose in America's mind was also respectable, which is why the incident brought higher criticism to the organization. Although Americans are strict towards violations of sports rules, when it comes to Pete Rose's case, most Americans show favor for Rose as he regrets what he did. The public's response is a significant factor that shows the incident's socio-cultural impact on people's perception and participation in sports (Nightengale, 2022).

After the case of Pete Rose gambling, Major League Baseball introduced strict boundaries for players. To minimize gambling practices, the organization also announced an increase in players' salaries so that they do not choose gambling as a source of earning. The organization becomes strict regarding crime investigations as they did for Pete Rose. Despite his multiple apologies and regret, the organization didn't accept him back on the team, leaving an example for future players (Bush, 2010). Numerous changes were also made for eligibility for the hall of fame and reentry into a team, resulting in a permanent ban of Pete Rose from gambling.

Public policy and law play a crucial role in deciding the case. The law supports the sports organization and its decision of permanent eligibility of Pete Rose from gambling. According to Baseball rule 21(d), "Any player, umpire, or club official or employee, who shall bet any sum upon any baseball game in connection with which the bettor has no duty to perform shall be declared ineligible for one year. Any player, umpire, club or league official or employee, who shall bet any sum upon any baseball game in connection with which the bettor has a duty to perform shall be declared permanently ineligible” (Bush, 2010). This law rule was used as a reference to define punishment for Pete Rose.

Changes made after the Pete Rose gambling incident brought numerous cultural and political changes to the organization. For example, gambling cases were decreasing because players understood that their careers would be diminished if they were involved in gambling. Strict policies and practices were implemented that helped the organization to achieve a stable position in the society once again (Clark, 2019).

Society's response to the incident was drastic. Most of the audience supported the player and expected a positive response from the organization regarding Pete Rose's punishment. But the decision to permanently ban him from baseball raised criticism for the organization. Surrounding society's perception changed towards the organization because, in the history of MLB, numerous gambling cases happened, but decisions were not as strict as for Pete Rose. This is why society claims that MLB directors and decision-makers are discriminative towards Pete Rose and doing wrong to him.


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Clark, D. (2019, October 15). Pete Rose: $100 million lost for betting on Cincinnati Reds; baseball is punishment enough. Retrieved from

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Johnathon Blake Davis

2-1 Milestone One: Draft of Overview and Societal

SPT 510

Professor Ledford

June 18, 2022

2-1 Milestone One: Draft of Overview and Societal

Topicc: Major League Baseball – Pete Rose Gambling 1989

Major League Baseball is a professional baseball organization founded in 1876; it is known as the famous oldest professional sports league in the world. Originated in the United States, the organization has headquarters in a number of other countries and counties. Players in the MLB belong to different racial identities, but most are white, making up 78% of all professional players. There are 7.2% Hispanics and 6.8% African Americans (Zippia, 2022). Major League Baseball has remained a responsible team for serving the community through their performance or extra efforts to enhance communities. A statement by the vice president of corporate social responsibility at Major League Baseball shows the organization's commitment to serving the expectations of community members in different ways. The statement is, “Major League Baseball strives to provide the premier form of athletic entertainment in a manner that is fun and socially responsible while strengthening and enhancing the communities in which we operate” (LeGrande, 2020). Through these efforts, the league established a positive image in the community and engaged fans.

Moreover, looking at the organization's history, a number of embarrassing acts by well-known and praised players imply a greater effect on the social perception of the organization. Pete Rose was a famous baseball player who set dozens of records because of his desire to win and aggressive play. Working as a baseball player for three decades, Pete Rose breaks the record of Ty Cobbs for the most hits ever. He made this achievement on September 11, 1985, and earned a nine-minute ovation over it. Because of his overwhelming career in baseball, he earned the nickname "Charlie Hustle" from his fans. He also worked as Red's manager. In 1989, news emerged that Pete Rose was gambling on the baseball team (ABC, 2022). This news sets numerous debates about the super-hit leader of the baseball team and whether he could do this or not. Rose didn't admit his gambling for fifteen years, and investigations remained in the process. Investigations in 1989 revealed Rose's history of gambling on different sports, but at this time, he gambled on his team in baseball. In 2004, Rose confessed his gambling in his publication, "My Prison without Bars,” along with his grievance and regrets for lying with baseball officials for fifteen years (ABC, 2022). Upon asking about his confession, Rose replied that he thinks it's time to take responsibility as he is already fourteen years old. After the confession, the league bans Rose that he cannot participate in Major League Baseball or any baseball organization as he is no longer eligible for the hall of fame.

One of the major effects of this case on the organization was that they lost their legend, who used to play as his passion and won most of the matches for the organization. Before that event, Pete Rose was a player with huge fan bases who came into the stadium wearing Red's glasses in his support. But after his confession of gambling in baseball, the organization lost the fan base and stadium crowds. Fans are action-loving, and when they do not find something interesting happening around, they won't come out to make crowds. After that incident, MLB introduced numerous changes in its operations and structure. For example, the organization considered increasing players' salaries to prevent them from choosing dark sides for money. Rose committed gambling for money, and for money, he didn't care about the name he made in the heads of his fans. An act of a player disturbed the position of MLB in a community where it established a strong image by working on its players (Nightenagle, 2018).

Societal Perception: Values and Purpose

The event discussed above by a player of Major League Baseball takes place in the United States. The community coincides sports with cultural values as it defines ethics and morals attributed to athletes and society. Sports and sports organizations are essential parts of the U.S. community where people practice it to enhance their physical and mental well-being daily. People are emotionally connected with their favorite players in the community where the event happened. Sports comprise cultural and communal importance for Americans.

Along with Major League Baseball, several other sports organizations are working for the community to help them participate in different programs to enhance their living standards (Macri, 2012). Private, government and community-based sports organizations have different goals and perceptions. Major League Baseball established a positive image of the organization in the community by adopting a practical community engagement strategy. The organization serves poor and helpless people by providing them with food and other necessities.

The community understands the organization's purpose because baseball is not just a sport for Americans but a symbol of their integrity. Thus, the organization's ability to provide equal opportunities to everyone is praised at the community level. The organization plays its corporate social responsibility activities to maintain a positive impression on the community and eliminate harm to people. According to a recent survey, Major League Baseball is the most popular baseball team in North America, and the majority of fans of the organization are aged 35-44 years (Gough, 2022). A number of community-focused programs initiated by the organization set a positive perception on a community level.

Societal Perception: Reinforces Cultural Norms

The organization has perpetuated a positive image since its origin because of its community-centered approach, profitable economy, fan base and corporate social responsibility. But the event that happened in 1989 distorted the community's perception of the organization. Gambling was severe conduct in baseball, affecting the organization's value because Americans are closely connected with baseball players. The organization lost its fan-base ratio, its economy slightly drowned, and numerous other challenges occurred. Gambling is an ethical, legal and moral theft, and it was conducted by a super-hit player of the organization that initiated a major responsibility towards the organization. Cultural norms that the organization is committed to delivering were in question. But by punishing the player who committed gambling, the organization delivers a message to the community that gambling is not acceptable by anyone, whether a practitioner or a super-hit player. The organization is committed to preserving core human values and showcasing the values, heritage and norms of baseball by serving the needs of players (MLB, 2014). The incident also affected the organization's social perception because it failed to preserve baseball values and norms.

After that incident, the organization changed its player management structures to improve players' positions by increasing salaries so that players do not choose dark ways to earn money. That event was a dark spot on the community-centered approach of the league, and the action of a famous player put the organization in enormous challenges.


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SPT 510 Final Project Guidelines and Rubric

Overview The final project for this course is the creation of a report and press release. In this course, you will have the opportunity to analyze the role of sport in our society and vice versa. As a result, it is important to understand the social issues that can impact the development of sport organizations, the events sponsored by organizations, and the occurrences that involve sport organizations. As society continues to put more stock into sport organizations for entertainment, role models, and their economic contributions, the tide quickly turns when an event or incident besmirches the organization’s reputation. The immediate demand for a response and resolution due to societal pressure puts sport organizations in a challenging position to devise a solution that not only appeases the internal and external stakeholders, but also takes into consideration any and all potential economic, sociocultural, and political factors. Through researching and analyzing a particular event or occurrence involving a sport organization of your choice, you will learn how society’s perceptions impact sport organizations and how organizations respond to the various types of issues relevant in our society. For the final project, you will select a sport organization that has encountered an event or incident that impacted society’s perception of them from a provided list. Working as a consultant and from the organization’s perspective, you will investigate the issue, detail how the organization went about resolving it, and discuss the societal impact of the event. Most importantly, you will be required to analyze the surrounding society’s response and subsequent perception of the organization in how the event was handled. Finally, you will write a press release to external stakeholders, where you will explain the rationale behind the organization’s response and explain how potential events or incidents will be addressed. Choose one of the following sport organizations and events. If you wish to use an event not listed, please contact your instructor for approval.

Organization Individual(s) Allegation Year

Boston College Basketball team Point shaving 1978–79

Boston Marathon Rosie Ruiz Cheating 1980

Southern Methodist University Various boosters NCAA death penalty 1986

Major League Baseball Pete Rose Gambling 1989

Olympic ice skating Tonya Harding Assault for hire 1994

National Basketball Association Pacers and Pistons Brawl: “Malice at the Palace” 2004

Duke University lacrosse team Crystal Mangum Rape 2006

New England Patriots Bill Belichick Videotaping opposing team signals 2007

Louisiana State University Pokey Chatman Inappropriate sexual conduct 2007

BALCO (Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative) Marion Jones Doping 2007

BALCO (Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative) Barry Bonds Obstruction of justice 2011

Pennsylvania State University Jerry Sandusky Child sex abuse 2011

University of Miami Athletics Nevin Shapiro Provided improper benefits 2011

New Orleans Saints Gregg Williams Bounties paid to players 2012

United States Anti-Doping Agency Lance Armstrong Doping 2012

Biogenesis Alex Rodriguez Performance-enhancing drugs (PED) 2013

Biogenesis Ryan Braun Performance-enhancing drugs (PED) 2013

Women's National Basketball Association Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson Domestic violence 2015

U.S. Women's National Soccer Team Hope Solo Domestic violence 2015

National Football League Ray Rice Domestic violence 2015

The project is divided into three milestones, which will be submitted at various points throughout the course to scaffold learning and ensure quality final submissions. These milestones will be submitted in Modules Two, Four, and Six. The final submission is due in Module Nine. In this assignment you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes:

Evaluate how effectively sport organizations respond to society’s varied and changing expectations

 Examine events or incidents that create challenges for sport organizations for their economic and societal impact

 Analyze sport organizations for how they are perceived by and influence society

 Apply best practices for addressing external stakeholders about challenging events to sport organizations

 Analyze how sport organizations impact legal and public policy and politics in society

Prompt For this assessment, you will choose a college or professional sport organization from the list above and assume the role of a consultant within the organization. You have been tasked with investigating an issue that occurred and had a notable impact on the surrounding society’s perception of the organization. You will describe the issue and discuss how the organization responded, as well as how the issue altered society’s perception of the organization. This assessment will also require you to illustrate the issue’s political, economic, sociocultural, and legal impact on society. Finally, you will compose a press release to external stakeholders to explain management’s response and the rationale behind it. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

I. Overview A.

Select a sport organization and summarize the event or incident and its effects. B. Describe the specific challenges this event or incident presented to the organization.

II. Societal Perception In this section, you will analyze how the organization you selected is viewed by the surrounding society in which the event or incident took place. Specifically, you need to:


Explain how the surrounding society values the sport organization and views its purpose. You might consider discussing the organization’s ongoing economic and sociocultural influence.

B. Determine how the event or incident reinforced stereotypes or cultural norms the organization has perpetuated.

III. Impact Within this section, you will investigate the impact the event or incident has had on the surrounding society. In doing so, you will need to:


Evaluate the economic impact the selected sport organization has had on the surrounding society. Provide examples to support your response. B. Describe the different factors that determined the economic impact of the event or incident. C. Describe the different factors that determined the sociocultural impact of the event or incident. D. Summarize the changes the organization has made following the event or incident that have impacted society. E. Summarize the roles public policy and the law play within the sport organization and the selected event. F. Analyze the impact of your organization in bringing about cultural and political change as a result of the event or incident. G. Analyze the surrounding society’s response to the positive and negative effects of the event or incident. Provide examples to illustrate your

response. H. Describe how the surrounding society’s perception of the organization changed as a result of the event or incident.

IV. Organization’s Response

Next, you will examine how the organization reacted to the event or incident and evaluate the success of the response. This information will inform your press release. Therefore, you need to:


Explain how the sport organization responded to societal pressure and expectations of the surrounding society related to the event or incident. B. Evaluate the effectiveness of the sport organization’s response to the event or incident. Provide evidence to support your response. C. Determine the specific laws and/or policies (both internal and external) that impacted how the sport organization approached resolving the

selected event or incident. Provide examples to support your response. D. Formulate recommendations for how the sport organization can prepare itself internally to avoid future incidents or for when society shifts its

expectations of the organization.

V. Press Release Finally, using this worksheet, you will write a press release to explain the sport organization’s response to the event or incident to external stakeholders. Utilizing best practices, compose a press release where you:


Provide a brief overview of the incident, stating only the necessary and appropriate facts that you would release to the public. B. Describe the response to the event or incident and how it was addressed by management. C. Explain how future events or incidents can and will be addressed based on the organization’s response to this situation.

Milestones Milestone One: Draft of Overview and Societal Perception In Module Two, you will submit a 3- to 4-page draft of the Overview and Societal Perception portions of the report. Address all critical elements from Section I and II above in this draft. Select and summarize an event or incident and describe the challenges the sport organization faces. Your analysis should be written from the perspective of the society with which the sport organization is affiliated. This means that you are answering both questions A and B in Section II above as if you were a member of the society surrounding the sport organization. This milestone is graded with the Milestone One Rubric. Milestone Two: Examine the Impact In Module Four, you will submit a 2- to 3-page draft of the Impact portion of the report. Address all critical elements from Section III above. This milestone pertains to how the event or incident has impacted the society surrounding the sport organization. The focal points of this milestone relate to the varying factors that contribute to any changes that have occurred to the surrounding society. Review the questions within Section III above that pertain to varying aspects of how the event or incident impacted the society of your organization. This milestone is graded with the Milestone Two Rubric. Milestone Three: Compose the Organization’s Response In Module Six, you will submit a 1- to 2-page draft of the Organization’s Response portion of the report. Address all critical elements from Section IV above. Critically analyze how the sport organization responded to the incident or event. Evaluate whether or not the organization’s response was successful. This milestone is graded with the Milestone Three Rubric. Final Submission: Report and Press Release In Module Nine, yo

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