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! This is a graded discussion: 100 points possible


This is a graded discussion: 100 points possible

due May 17

Discussion: What is Text? 3 6

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For this week’s discussion, write your own definition of “text” and explain

what does and does not qualify as text worthy of study. You must support

your definition with at least 1 source properly cited using MLA format at the

end of the post. (Sometimes Canvas does have formatting issues, so I will

not look at the margins and indents. I will focus on the content of the

citation to make sure it has all the required components in the correct




Your response must be a minimum of 200 words. Please put your response

directly into your discussion reply so that fellow students can easily read it

without needing to open an attachment.

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Breanna Beck (

May 3, 2022

” Reply


Text is by basic definition something used to provide messages and

meaning to the receiver. This comes in many forms such as textbooks,

journal articles, or short films. There is formal and informal text. An

example of formal text is articles from online databases. Informal texts

involve things such as personal blogs. The text does not have to be

written word. Educational short films and videos are some other types of

text. They sometimes portray the message better than the written word

by pairing it with visual clues and images.

While there are tons of texts that qualify worthy of study, there are also

tons that do not. Texts that are not good for study would be written with a

biased based on the writer’s thoughts and opinions. An example of this

type would be entries written on someone’s social media page. They

could be in either written form or multimedia like video or pictures. Texts

that are good for study report data and have evidence that backs up the

facts being expressed.

Most of the time for a text to count as being worthy of study it has to

report the significance of the information minus any personal viewpoints

and opinions of the author.

Babin, Monique, et al. The Word on College Reading and Writing. Open

Oregon Educational Resources, 2018.

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Ryan Anderson (



Text are words that are written, printed or spoken. Text can be as

complex as a legal document or as simple as words on the back of a

cereal box. These are both examples of formal and informal text. With

formal text, such as business reports and academic books, the writer

would use a more professional tone and use much more care than

informal text. With informal text, such as a letter to a friend, a blog about

a passion or even a diary entry, the writer would communicate in a more

personal tone. The writer may also use slang, abbreviations or even

speak to the reader directly using the second person, such as you and

your with informal text. Jaron Lanier claims that informal text, such as a

blog is not worthy of study, but I disagree. There is a time and place for

both formal and informal text in our lives. The important thing to

understand is your audience when you are trying to decide which type of

text to use. The matter of importance really has to do with the reader. For

a law student who is needing to research a topic for a paper on

immigration laws, formal text will be important to study. Yet, for a person

who is googling how to change a flat tire when they are stuck on the side

of the road, the text is just as important to study and learn. In conclusion,

formal and informal text are both important in our daily lives.

“Formal and Informal Writing Styles.” Skills you Need.


Accessed 5 May 2022.

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” Reply


Elizabeth Nesbitt (



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” Reply

Defining text can vary from person to person or even by the internet.

However, to me, it can be seen as a passage or piece of writing. This

includes but is not limited to, articles, books, captions, cliff notes, or any

kind of organized writing. When consuming these texts, it is important to

understand which forms of it are reputable and worthy of study.

One easy way to determine if a text is of high caliber is if the website the

text is in is peer-reviewed, up to date, or written by credible authors

(Chris Drew). Because these types of sources are required to state facts

and/ or back their information, it is safe to study or cite texts from these

sources. Furthermore, it ensures that the texts being read are coming

from a reputable source with notoriety. In retrospect, to determine if a

text is unworthy of study is by its length and the type of website it comes

from. As mentioned before texts can be considered as captions or cliff

notes and can be used for brief descriptions and summaries. Considering

this, it does not always allow for all the information to be given and

leaves room for opinion and ambiguity. Moreover, this wouldn’t be a

reasonable length of the text to study or base research on. Finally,

websites like Wikipedia and YouTube fall into the same category because

they can be written by anyone (Chris Drew). This clearly shows that any

and everything can be put out there for consumption with no research,

reason, or facts to back it.


Chris.drew.98031506. “7 Non-Scholarly Sources You Should Never

Reference (2022).” Helpful Professor, 29 Apr. 2021,

5/12/22, 1:29 AM Page 5 of 10




Michael Bratz (He/Him) (



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” Reply

From my perspective, the definition of text is all forms of language. Math

equations are created, symphonies are orchestrated, poetry is spoken,

photos are taken, and books are written. All of forms of media are text as

they are, by definition, “convey meanings to the person who exams them.”

(Burnell). As humans progress with technology, the definition of texts

expands further. At one point someone would have seen a smiley face in

a book and saw an image, now we can have a conversation using nothing

but smiley face emojis. Text not just limited to just words on a page in a

dusty old book.

Academic writing is clear, concise, focused, structured, and backed up

by evidence. I.E., encyclopedias, textbooks, photographs, songbooks

(Academic Writing). As for what makes it worthy of study, that is

subjective to the individual for example, A musician may be look at a

songbook that shows how certain songs are arranged. They would be

studying that form of written text. However, another person can look at

that same book and decide to move past it as it means nothing to them

or their interests. Neither person is incorrect in their viewpoint of what

they deemed to be worthy of study it is just that it made a much more

lasting impact on the musician.


Works Cited

Burnell, Carol, et al., “The Word on College Reading and Writing.”


Accessed 23, June 2020

What Is Academic Writing? – Library | University of Leeds.

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James Graham (



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” Reply

My impression of text, it is word that are either written or spoken that

can be understood by one another. Four types of literary text are:

descriptive, narrative, expository, and argumentative. An example of an

argumentative text topic is, “Whether or not student should be aloud

electronics in school”. A form of a verbal text is a narrator. Their job is to

tell the story of what is occurring to the audience so that they can

understand what is currently going on. Narrators can be found not only in

plays and stores but also in films making verbal text diverse just as

written text is. But main 2 types of text are Formal/Informal text. A form

of formal text is legal documentation. While its counter part informal text

is more like writing a note to a friend in class.

When it comes to a text being worthy of studying a key way of knowing is

first off if the text is understandable with the content being able to be

backed up with the facts that are being displayed throughout the text. For

example, a text that is study worthy is The Mayo Clinic. They have non

biased credible information. Speaking of biased that’s a sign on a text

not being credible. When a text starts to be opinionated or biased

towards a side that is when a text does not qualify for being worthy of



Malcolm, Janice, et al. “The Interrelationships Between Informal and

Formal Learning.” The Journal of Workplace Learning, vol. 15, no. 7/8,

MCB UP Ltd, 2003, pp. 313–18,


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Hope Hardeman (She/Her) (


” Reply


I believe all text is worthy of study, I believe it just narrows down to what

you are studying. For instance, if a biologist were to study living

organisms it would be very helpful for their profession but if a

construction worker came across this text, it would be qualified as

useless to them, does that mean we throw out all related living organisms

books; absolutely not. I believe that all text isn’t meant for all people,

that’s why authors have audiences fit for the passage, movie, blog, or

advertisement they are trying to get across. It’s comparable to giving a

baby dog food, it’s not meant for them, but if you have a dog, it can be

useful in feeding your pet. Mowitt agrees because on page 1218 he

basically states there are more text subjects today than ever, saying this

just pushed the idea that every text has a purpose and is made for a

reason. Even take social media as an example even though there are

some cruel things on platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, and let’s not forget

Twitter. There are social experiments, majority voting, and even news

whether fake or otherwise is used to spread awareness within these

platforms. All in all, I believe each freshly torn note, missing dog flyer,

and even hate comment has a purpose and is worthy of study.

Mowitt, John. “What Is a Text Today?” PMLA, vol. 117, no. 5, 2002, pp.

1217–21, Accessed 10 May 2022.

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