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TWO ASSIGNMENTSModule 3 – Case   4 PAGESEMPLOYEE RIGHTS/SAFETYAssignment Overview(Signature Assignment: Critical Thinking, Introduced Level)Compliance and the HR FunctionsBefore starting this assignment, be sure that you are familiar with what is meant by ‘critical thinking.’Critical thinking is one of the five key rubric criteria by which your assignments are graded. Therefore, you are expected to demonstrate evidence of critical thinking in all assignments. For an overview of critical thinking, first read the Kurland article and then review the chart and watch the video:What is Critical Thinking? (2012) Retrieved from for Critical Thinking (2015). Our Concept and Definition of Critical Thinking. Retrieved from, D. (2000). What is critical thinking? Critical Reading. Retrieved from Technology and Mobile Learning. (2014) A must-have chart featuring critical thinking skills. Retrieved from this assignment, review the following:HR Hero. (2017). Employment at Will. Retrieved from Hero. (2017). Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA). Retrieved from Hero. (2017). USERRA (The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act). (n.d.) Chapter 7, Section 3. Core Functions of Human Resource Management. In Management. Retrieved at AssignmentFor this Case Assignment you will be focusing on the:*       Employment at Will Doctrine*       Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA)*       USERRAAnd how they impact the private sector workplace. (Be sure to focus on the private sector and not the public sector in your answers.) Address the following in a 4 paper (not including the cover page, references page and Appendix), supporting your arguments with citations to sources from the course and your research. (Use at least 5 Trident Online Library sources, plus any applicable background readings to support your discussion.1.      Provide a half-page summary of each of the topics, Employment at Will Doctrine, IRCA, and USERRA. Include these summaries together in one Appendix at the end of your paper.2.      Consider the major Human Resource Management functions in addressing the following:a.      Examine employment at will and its exceptions. Explain the exception that has had the greatest impact on the private sector workplace.b.      Discuss the one most important change you see is needed to the IRCA? Why?c.       Examine USERRA and detail its positive and negative impacts on the private sector workplace.Upload your paper by the module due date.SECOND Assignment  3 PAGESModule 3 – CaseNEGOTIATION STRATEGIES & PROCEDURESAssignment OverviewOf the very many topics and issues raised in this module, I have chosen to focus on the preparatory phase. A solid preparation is the key for effective negotiations. It reduces uncertainty; it saves overall time, and allows for focus.The following article sheds an interesting light on Australian women preparing for negotiations within the workplace.Case AssignmentPlease read (access via ProQuest): van Wanrooy, B. (2009). Women at Work in Australia: Bargaining a Better Position? Australian Bulletin of Labour. Adelaide: 2009. Vol. 35, Iss. 4; pg. 611.Abstract: The Australian industrial relations system has undergone significant upheaval in the last few decades, with a push towards decentralization. Women have traditionally relied on centralized wage setting and other statutory arrangements to improve their chances of equitable outcomes. One factor to which the widening gender pay gap is attributed is the introduction of enterprise and individual agreements (van Gellecum 2008). Using the Australia at Work study, this paper explores women’s experiences at work, focusing on their position in the labor market and their role in bargaining at the workplace. Using the Australia at Work study this paper examines the quality of women’s employment in terms of how they are engaged and the types of work they in which they are engaged. Evidence of men and women’s levels of bargaining power and involvement in workplace negotiation is also provided. The improvement and maintenance of many women’s working conditions will rest on the success or failure of the low-paid bargaining stream.After carefully reading through the background materials, and this article, please answer (in about 3 pages), the following questions:You have been chosen to represent the women in their bargaining with their employers.1.      What are the fundamental problems facing women wishing to improve on their employment within the workplace?2.      How would you prepare for the negotiations? The key word is ‘prepare.’3.      What would you define as an interest (at least two), and what as possible positions to these interests?Assignment Expectations1.      Focus on (Q2) the preparations you will make.2.      Distinguish (Q3) between the interests and positions.

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