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You will write one 2-3 page field experience report.

You will write one 2-3 page field experience report. The Field Experience asks you to step outside of your normal routine and have an experience that is new to you. All of the field experience options are outlined below.

The report asks you to integrate ideas from your chosen experience with concepts discussed in the course. As you write, be specific in referring to the ideas and reference the materials you discuss. When you refer to an idea in the text, you need to define it (so that I know you know what it means), and then explain why the experience is an example of that.

For example : If you choose to talk about identity you must first explain how identity is defined in our course materials. Then, try to connect the themes in your Field Experience to the concepts discussed in class.

Finally, as you go through your experience, consider the Scale of Intercultural Sensitivity (from Module 1) and reflect on it in relation to your experience. Where do you find yourself on the Scale?

Each report should be carefully proofread and demonstrate a high level of competence in written communication.

Choose your field experience from the following list:





News Comparison

Compare the coverage of one news story as covered in three different newspapers from a variety of places around the world. For example, you might read about the President Trump’s inauguration day as described in The New York Times, Der Spiegel, and Moscow Times. Then compare the coverage by thinking about the following questions: What, if anything, is different about the way the story is represented in the different sources? How does the “spin” on the story change across sources? What is the focus of the story as depicted in each source?



Cultural Interview

Interview someone from another culture who is living in the US.** Try to come up with 10 questions before you sit down for the interview, but don’t feel tied to those questions. Try to let the interview unfold naturally. Examples of questions might be: What surprises did you encounter when you came here? Do you feel you have adapted? What is frustrating about living here? What is fun about living here?

Simply writing a transcript of the interview is not sufficient for the assignment. You need to weave together the responses to your questions with the concepts and themes in our course.


**International students – interview someone from a culture other than your own.



Cultural Exploration

Visit an area where you live that is a gathering place for people different from your own cultural group, i.e. restaurant, place of worship, community center, etc. How do you feel as a “foreigner” there? Do you speak the language? What differences in communication (verbal and nonverbal) do you observe? What other differences do you notice?


Film Analysis

Watch a film that depicts another culture.** You could watch a documentary that explores a sub-culture in the United States or another culture in the world. You could also watch a foreign film from another culture. Think about the culture you are learning about. What themes from the film relate to what we’ve covered in class?


**International students – choose a film from a culture than your own or one that depicts a sub-culture within your own culture.


Literature Study

Similar to the film analysis, read a piece of literature from another culture or a sub-culture within your own culture. What does it teach you about that cultures’ communication? What other aspects of the text connect to the themes presented in our class?



Your Own Idea

Create an exploration of your own – but please check with the instructor for approval.

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